Wireless Expense Management: Manage Internally or Outsource?


The debate rages at companies everywhere.   Is it better to suffer the slings and arrows of wireless expenses in-house, or outsource the task?

There are convincing voices on both sides, but OpDecision is (naturally) on the side of outsourcing.  There are some compelling reasons to consider an outsourced solution like ours and we’re going to talk about them in this post.

Wireless expense management:  manage internationally or outsource?  Here are our ideas about that question.


Many leaders in the executive tier are skeptical about outsourcing, preferring to believe in the ability of the organization to improve functions toward more effective wireless expense management, specifically and telecom services, generally.

Wireless expense management is an area that offers the greatest ROI when outsourced to an expert vendor.  Because of the continually shifting sands of this sector of the telecom industry, an outsourced vendor with a knowledge of industry behaviors is your best bet for managing this cost center.

OpDecision’s outsourced solution is focused on this specific area.  Your company gets expertise direct from the industry, because our leadership and teams come to us from that sector. We know where to find savings in the fine print of your contract and in implementation of its terms.

We’re also experts at invoice management, ensuring that you’re not paying for duplicate line items and devices which are no longer in use.  Detailed work like this demands material infrastructure and people who know what to look for.

The right solution.

It’s important that companies know their outsourced wireless expense management solution is serious about what they do.  With OpDecision, that’s a given.  We’re entirely dedicated to finding your company opportunities in your invoices and contract to offer material savings.

On average, we save companies 45% on their wireless expenses.  The best part for you is that you’ll only compensate OpDecision based on those savings.  That’s how serious we are about what we do.

We deliver, because we’re committed to finding savings opportunities in every area of your wireless expenditures and we do it based on insider knowledge your staff doesn’t have access to.

We know about unpublished pricing, to begin with.  We also understand how telecom industry insiders think, because we’ve worked on the inside.

You won’t be lamenting the fact you’ve hired us, when you find yourself compelled to dedicate internal human resources in support of our efforts.

Not happening, with OpDecision.

Contract negotiations.

The negotiating table is where we do some of our best work.  We’ve sat on both sides of it, so we know the shape of the negotiating environment before we even sit down.  That gives your company the upper hand and gets you the best bang for your wireless expense management buck.

Skeptical executives can relax, with outsourced support from OpDecision.  With intimate, insider knowledge, we bring you an outsourced solution that ensures you get the best vendor contract possible.  Then, we stick to the terms of that contract, ensuring it continues to reflect your needs and offer you exceptional value.

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