How Wireless Connectivity Adds Value to Your Business


The business environment has never been more competitive than it is today.  Every possible metric is considered to arrive at the best possible ROI, including your business’s connectivity.

While wired networks have some advantages adding wireless, or making a wholesale shift, can add significant value.  Let’s review some of the key ways wireless connectivity adds value to your business and keeps it competitive.

Mobility changes everything.

There’s no question that the mobility revolution is here to stay and growing every day.  No longer shackled to a desk, your employees are free to roam, while maintaining crucial contact with clients and their colleagues.

With wireless, your employees can connect via multiple devices and maintain access to information and contacts.  In an increasingly mobile world, your reach is extended.

That scalability thing.

When your business is connected wirelessly, scalability is no longer an issue.  As employees come and go, you’re unplugged.  No more wires and cables and cumbersome upgrades, when your business goes wireless.

That freedom means flexibility, which a WLAN network can provide effortlessly.

Rapid response.

The 24/7 mobile world means people want information quickly.  They want access to your people, too and they expect it to be provided.

That translates into increased productivity and an enhanced ability to respond to client and colleague need.  Without needing to be connected physically, your people are more readily able to maintain critical contact, on the move.


While wired networks may be more secure (and that’s not necessarily the case any more), they can be destroyed.  Fires, upheaval due to nearby construction and natural disasters can completely devastate your communication infrastructure.

With wireless, its ethereal nature is impervious to physical hazards.

The bottom line.

Installing a wireless network, on average, costs half what deploying wired connectivity does.  Going wireless brings portability to your office move, too.

Even if you opt for a WLAN connection that’s costlier than a wired network with similar capabilities, wireless will make up for that when your company needs to move.  Without complex wiring, there’s no disruption in service and you save money.

Valued-added wireless.

Scalability, indestructibility and portability make wireless a great choice for contemporary businesses.  While wired networks have their advantages, the wave of the future is undeniably wireless connectivity.

That’s especially true when you take into account the growing importance of mobility with the rise of the mobile device.  How wireless connectivity adds value to your business is the elimination of many of the roadblocks associated with wired networking.  That includes the high cost of cable maintenance, issues of portability, infrastructure vulnerability and limited flexibility.

Instituting polices which help contain security threats can make wireless networks more secure.  But it’s important that you consider the increasingly sophisticated encryption that’s also serving to increase the security of wireless connectivity.

OpDecision – the outsourced solution.

OpDecision brings your business outstanding outsourced support for wireless connectivity.  With leadership originating in the wireless industry, we’re experts who guide you through the wilderness of your connectivity challenges.

Ready to add value to your business with wireless?  Contact us.

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