Wireless Communications Cost Control for Business from Opdecision


Wireless communications are a “must have” in this brave new world of 24/7 accessibility.  As the field continues to grow and evolve, businesses are challenged to keep pace.

This line item in the budget can burgeon, unseen, when eyes are not trained on it with the intention of reining in costs.  There are so many aspects to consider, from mobile devices, to data packages, to out-of-use devices, to the billings themselves.

Who’s minding the store?

Wireless communications cost control for business from Opdecision answers that question, with outsourced support that does it for you.

Opdecision frees your human resources to do what they’re there to do.  Instead of portioning out the job of controlling costs for wireless communications to staff who may be indifferent, or too involved in other projects, call on us.

Coming directly to Opdecision from the wireless industry, our team has worked with all the major players.  That means you get insider knowledge from people who know the next move of all the key vendors in the market.

That’s powerful.

What we do best.

Opdecision’s core service to business is wireless cost reduction.  Armed with a keen understanding of how vendors operate, we find you savings in the fine print.

While your teams are taking care of business, we’re doing what we do best – delivering double digit cost reductions as high as 45%, with an average customer saving of 27%.  We center our cost control efforts on your contract, service delivery and billings.

Our insider knowledge also allows us to share unpublished pricing with you – an ace in the hole when you’re negotiating a vendor contract.  In fact, our experience on both sides of the negotiating table is a potent defense against paying for services you don’t need and for getting your company the best deal possible.

What changes?  Nothing.

If you’re thinking that coming to Opdecision to shrink your wireless costs means switching carriers, we’re happy to tell you that’s not the case.  Cumbersome changes in vendors and equipment aren’t required to save you money.

Your current contract stays in place.  We just fine tune it to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need from your vendor.   And we can do that, because our team has worked with some of the most widely-known names in the industry.

Driven by results.

Because our compensation is based on the savings we find for you, we’re a results-driven extension of your human resources that assures delivery.  You pay us only when we keep our promises.

We’re the outsourced solution to telecom and wireless expense cost control that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.  We keep the ball in the air, because we never take our eyes off it.

Opdecision – the outsourced edge.

Your people have enough to do.  At Opdecision, we know that.  Our suite of services is designed to take the analytical work of wireless communication cost control off the plates of your employees.

Acting on your behalf, we apply our unparalleled approach to cutting the wireless fat.  Contact us.

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