Voicemail Is Dying – What’s Next?


Voicemail has been a staple in the telecom world for many years.  Before that, the answering machine made it possible for us to be away from the phone and receive messages to return calls when we had time.

But as we all know, the telecommunications game has drastically changed.  The most compelling factor in this change has been the advent of the mobile device.  Whether we’re away from our desks or not, that mobile is always with us.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t need our devices to capture calls we’re unavailable to take.  We’re in meetings.  We’re out of range (yes, it still happens).  We’re talking to a client.  We can’t always take every call that comes in.

Voicemail is dying – what’s next?  What’s going to bridge the gap when we can’t pick up?

The end is near.

As we watch voicemail recede into the technological past, we’re also seeing fixed lines disappearing.  Many companies have already dispensed with voicemails, so we know that the time-honored desk phone isn’t long for this world, either.

The mobile device fulfills all the functionality of these two formerly ubiquitous tools, so businesses are axing them, slowly but surely.  That makes good sense, because they’re paying for equipment and services they no longer need.

The new voicemail.

The New York Times reports that millennials especially, have little use for voicemail, often ignoring notices on their devices.  It further reports that voicemail messaging dropped 8% between 2013 and 2014 and that number is accelerating.

But the gap is being filled by apps like YouMail, allowing users to set up a virtual reception desk, with facilities to transcribe voice messages to text, offer individualized greetings for callers and other functions that make voicemail manageable for the mobile user.

There’s still a place for voicemail, but the new voicemail is user-managed and curated to make voice messaging less of an annoyance and more of a systematic option to ensure that the calls you want are managed and not missed.

Your next move.

If your business is among the many currently abandoning traditional voicemail functions in favor of streamlined, user-managed apps for mobiles, perhaps the time has come to analyze the utility of your fixed line systems, also.

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