What Is an Unlimited Data Plan Worth to My Business?


Until early this year, we may have had a different answer to this question.  But in February, Verizon changed the game, with an unlimited data plan that may well carry material benefit for your company. It’s available for businesses like yours and well worth exploring, depending on your needs.  This post offers you a brief overview of what the plan offers.

Verizon Unlimited.

On February 13, Verizon announced its plans to launch unlimited data plans to answer customer need. That said, there are a few limitations to “unlimited” as one might expect.  Continental calls, data and texts are unlimited, but the speed after reaching the 500MB threshold is reduced from 4G LTE.  Tethering is also part of Verizon’s plan, up to a limit of 10G. A primary feature of this plan is HD video.  This is not “throttled” at 480p as it is with other carriers of unlimited plans.  It’s also dependent on the source of your content.  If you’re receiving high-quality HD from the source, you’re viewing it in the same high quality.

Ideal for smaller enterprises.

The multi-line version of Verizon Unlimited is why we’re telling you about this plan, which is for up to 10 smartphones and 20 devices.  For a small account fee, you can add each line for a minor surcharge.  Subsidized smartphones, on two-year contracts, have a higher surcharge. There are several factors you should consider when looking at a new generation unlimited data plan like this one.  One is the number of devices currently on payment plans.  OpDecision can determine if this plan is worthwhile for your enterprise, by looking at your individual needs and existing wireless expenses with a trained eye.

Is there a catch?

The good news here is that Verizon is treating video like any other data and yes, it’s included in your cap (22MB).  Again, this is something to think about in terms of value to your company.  Do you use videos extensively as part of your marketing plan?  Do your employees need it? There are unpublished plans available that you may want to know about.  OpDecision has the details on these, so if you’re looking for something even bigger, we can get you the deal that genuinely benefits your company.  Placing insider knowledge at your disposal, OpDecision has relationships with all the major wireless players. It’s probable that this move by Verizon will spur action from others in the market and that’s something OpDecision will know about, too.

Insider knowledge at your disposal.

OpDecision is an outsourced mobile expense management and reduction solution for companies hoping to hold the line on their telecom expenses.  Our leadership comes directly from the industry, with insider knowledge that can save your company up to 45% on its wireless expenses. In the case of Verizon Unlimited, we can examine the plan in terms of your enterprise and its specific data needs.  There’s no guesswork, with OpDecision doing the heavy lifting. Contact us to find out what an unlimited data plan is worth to your enterprise.

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