A Truly Unlimited Data Plan Doesn’t Exist


Sometimes things are not as they seem.  And the same can be said of unlimited data plans.  While it’s true that overage charges no longer loom, punishing those who consume large amounts of data, “unlimited” is a word subject to interpretation, in the world of cell phone providers.

So, while we hate to be the bearers of bad news, a truly unlimited data plan doesn’t exist and we’re going to tell you why that is, in this post.

The Truth

If you’re a Netflix user, you’ll exactly what we’re talking about.  You have a snazzy, unlimited data package.  Sky’s the limit, right?


As you’re merrily bingeing your way through your favorite show, suddenly you’re buffering like crazy.  Your show, essentially, becomes unwatchable.  It’s downright disappointing (especially after you’ve popped all that popcorn).

And the truth about why this happens is in that pesky fine print of your provider contract.

To the Back of the Data Line

If you see language stating that your data speeds may be reduced at peak times, then you know that while you ostensibly have unlimited data, you do not have unlimited transmission speed.

And after you’ve reached a certain threshold of data usage, you’re going to be shoved to the back of the line.  That’s because a truly unlimited data plan doesn’t exist.  For certain media, you require speed and once you get to a prescribed threshold, things slooooow down.

This is known as “de-prioritization”.  Customers with pricier packages are given priority, while you get throttled.  Also, customers who haven’t reached their data limit move to the head of the line.

Getting the Most From “Unlimited Data”

If your employees rely on data which is accessible and less subject to the vagaries of network congestion (which may be arbitrarily and variously interpreted as a usage condition by vendors), then your best bet is to negotiate a better deal with your provider.

Finding that your teams are being throttled?  Then perhaps it’s time to re-visit your unlimited data plan by re-negotiating your contract.

And for that, you need someone at the table who knows how vendor negotiations play out because they’ve been on the vendor side of that table.


It’s frustrating to think that your unlimited data has some very real limitations.  But all is not lost.

When OpDecision goes to the negotiating table on your behalf, we go with insider knowledge that gets you the best possible data plan.  Because we know what your vendor is thinking and we understand contractual language and how it can work against you, we bring knowledge that translates as power – on your side of the table.

OpDecision’s leadership and teams come direct from the wireless telecom industry, finding our clients material savings in their contracts and monthly billings.  Because of our intimate knowledge of the ways of the telecom industry, you can enjoy an average 27% savings on your wireless spend.

And that’s golden!

If you’re looking for a data plan that serves your goals and interests, contact us.  Unlimited should mean just that.

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