Tips for Optimizing Telecom Contracts


If you’re on the cusp of entering into an agreement with a telecom service provider, there are some things you should know.

The first thing is that your provider isn’t your friend.

That 25% discount on published pricing that’s going to save you gazillions of dollars?  A drop in the bucket.  The truth is that your vendor is going to make the offer it’s anticipated you’ll accept.  If you settle for it, then discover that you haven’t gotten the best deal you might have, then who’s fault would that be?

Clue:  not the telecom provider you’ve negotiated your contract with.

Before you sign on that dotted line, here are some tips for optimizing telecom contracts that can help you get the best deal you possibly can.

Kill the Auto-Renewal Clause

Auto-renewal language in your contract is something to be rejected.  You don’t need it.  You don’t want it.

Most telecom providers stipulate 60-days’ notice to cancel your contract.  If you miss that window, you’re online with the vendor for another 2 to 3 year contract period (the same term you originally signed for).

Negotiate for one of either month-to-month renewal or removal of the language.  Whatever you do, kill this clause at all costs, as it favors the vendor.

Window Shop Your Vendor

Just because companies like yours choose to go with the big vendors doesn’t mean you have to.  Shop around.  See what’s out there.

There are hundreds of providers in the telecom market, all vying for your business.  Use that to your advantage and get a deal you can live with.

Be aware that telecom costs are decreasing at a rate of 20% per year.  If you’re on the hook for a 3-year contract, that’s a significant cost saving that stays on the table.

Know That the Odds Are In Your Favor

As we just said, the market is jumping out there.  That means it’s a buyer’s market, so don’t be fooled.  Play all the cards you have.  Develop a relationship with your vendor and let it be known that you’re in business to make money, not spend it on inflated telecom costs.

You can re-negotiate your contract at any time and vendors know that.  Vendors also know that it’s much easier to retain a customer than it is to find another one.  Another factor which favors you.

It’s easy to believe that you’re at the mercy of telecom providers in the negotiating process but it’s not the case.  You have more fire power than you may think.

Get Insider Knowledge

Of all these tips for optimizing telecom contracts, this one’s easily the most powerful – take OpDecision to the negotiating table.

Because we’re all former telecom industry insiders, OpDecision has spent time on both sides of the table.  We know the ins and outs of negotiating with telecom vendors and what they’re not telling you.

From unpublished pricing to fulfilment, we’ll ensure that your contract is not only negotiated right but that it’s fulfilled to the letter.

Ready to optimize your telecom contract?  Contact OpDecision for insider knowledge!

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