Is TEM Dead? Telecom Expense Management: Only Part of the Solution


The growing focus on telecom environments as drivers of performance and results is placing pressure on professionals in the sector to deliver.  Demands from the executive tier for cost efficiencies is strong.  At the same time, the upper echelons have a growing awareness that the value of telecom, when well-administered, is inestimable.

How do telecom professionals respond to these dual priorities?  Many are asking, “is TEM dead?”. But telecom expense management is only part of the solution.

TEM’s role.

Telecom expense management provides crucial technology which is excellent for finding areas of vulnerability in telecom environments and identifying opportunities to cut costs.   Once it’s in place, it performs a meaningful and worthwhile role.

But the presenting question is not TEM, itself.  The real question is how the systems TEM is designed to provide insight for have been managed – is it really all about dollars and cents?

Applying TEM once the horse has bolted from the barn is a common solution, but it doesn’t answer the question.  Also, it’s crucial to understand TEM’s most attractive feature is its ability to refine the environments it governs, by creating enhanced efficiencies, both technical and operational.

Telecom management practice.

The traditional TEM model focuses entirely on cost recovery.  The next generation TEM model is considerably more robust, encompassing everything affecting telecom environments under the aegis of TEM, from people, to operations, to services, to cost.

TEM has, historically, been applied to identify billing errors.  Telecom management practice (TMP) takes this function one step further, deploying it to not only identify, but rectify systemic deficiencies which have led to the perpetuation of errors, preventing future recurrence.

Telecom, traditionally, has been regarded as a cost center by most leadership teams and TEM has been deployed according to that conception.  With (TMP), the telecom function of business is seen for what it is – a Center of Excellence, spurring and supporting growth.

A shift in focus.

We don’t think we’re going out on a limb when we say, definitively, that TEM is not dead.  Its pivotal role in telecom management practice can’t be denied.  The automation and data provided by TEM supports the transformation of business’s relationships with telecom, by creating a broader framework for what it means as a driver of results.

This shift in focus means that telecom expense management is only part of the solution.  It addresses areas which have a profound impact on operations, how departments interact with each other and where telecom can be streamlined to optimize and integrate functions effectively.

TEM is about much more than savings.  Those count, but for those savings to have meaning, the deployment of TEM should be focused on the big picture – spending that supports continuing results and corporate health.

OpDecision’s outsourced solution.

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TEM is about much more than the bottom line.  For the next generation of telecom expense management, contact us.  Discover the difference insider knowledge makes.

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