Is Telecom Just a Utility?


We think of utilities as infrastructural needs to support what we’re doing.  Whether it’s at work or at home, utilities fall under the rubric of “needful things”.

But is telecom just a utility?  Ask business owners and you’ll find that almost half of them think so.  But that’s changing rapidly, as people connect telecom to business results.  There’s a growing segment of the business community arriving at the understanding that telecom is a growth center, providing the means for acceleration.

In terms of modern telecom, it’s clear that communications facilities have evolved rapidly, to become not only necessary, but crucial.  Providing employees with the means to remain in constant contact with clients, vendors and team members is what’s separating forward-thinking businesses from those who are being left behind, as they fail to adapt.

Measuring results.

Your telecom environment is much more than a communications channel.  It can be mined for data which will reveal how it’s serving your business’s goals.  A data-driven approach to telecom is where the rubber meets the road, making telecom more than a utility.  In truth, it’s a valuable partner.

The lifeblood of your business is communication.  That makes telecom a key component of the corporate whole.  It’s the bodily system through which that lifeblood travels, connecting your enterprise to what it needs to thrive – clients, team members, prospects and vendors.

Key indicators.

There are several indicators businesses can examine to determine whether they’re deriving maximum leverage from telecom services in place.  These are:

  • Cost measured against operating expenses.
  • Cost as percentage of overall revenue.
  • Cost per employee.
  • Ratio of devices against number of employees.
  • Cost as percentage of overall IT spend.

Examining these indicators is crucial to understanding how your telecom services are supporting your corporate objectives.  They’ll reveal whether your current services reflect your needs, or are over-estimating them, resulting in unnecessary expense.

Performance is a keyword in this instance.  Drawing the line on telecom expenses is an analytical exploration, requiring focused knowledge of the sector and the ability to measure business results against investment.

Outsourced expertise.

With a workforce and leadership drawn directly from the telecom industry, OpDecision is an outsourced solution for businesses seeking to leverage their telecom services for growth and acceleration.

Because we’re industry insiders, we’re able to analyze vendor agreements, invoicing and services against performance.  We know the answer to the question “Is telecom just a utility?” and that answer is no.

Telecom services are a key driver of business growth that can be tailored to reflect your objectives, with careful analysis of need against services and cost against results.

OpDecision works with you to obtain the optimum ROI from your telecom services, ensuring that what’s in your contract reflects your needs.  Because we’re aware of unpublished pricing, with a knowledge of all the major players in the sector, we can ensure that your contract conforms precisely to what’s required.

OpDecision reduces your costs without sacrificing needed facility, slashing telecom costs by as much as 45%.  Contact us.  Your telecom is so much more than a utility.

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