Is Your IT/Telecom Department Causing People to Quit?


There’s a certain cachet about IT/telecom departments.  That cachet has to do with the esoteric nature of information technology.  Many people know what it is.  They just don’t know how it works, how to fix it when it’s cranky, or what the people in that department do.

There’s a bit of a “wizard behind the curtain” mystique.

But that all comes apart when the IT/telecom department isn’t modelling superior internal customer support.  Far from superior, a survey published by TechRepublic polled 1,000 people from companies with over 1,000 employees and the results don’t reveal a pretty picture.

Less than a quarter reported timely support from their IT departments.  Almost 70% stated that IT hadn’t kept its promises to them.

IT/telecom support is there for a reason.  If it’s not doing its job to support end users, then why does it even exist?  How about your company?  Is your IT/telecom department causing people to quit?

Why weak IT/telecom departments are a problem

If your employees aren’t getting the service they need from IT/telecom to do their jobs, they often become frustrated.  That leads them to use solutions external to your IT set up and IT has no control over these solutions.

Millennials surveyed were especially forthright about turning to “shadow IT” to get the job done in the absence of IT support.  Almost half of them did it.

When this happens, existing resources are used less, reducing ROI.  External solutions can also clog the system when they also become dysfunctional.

When dysfunction in an IT/telecom department isn’t addressed, your staff suddenly realizes that IT isn’t a wizard behind a curtain and the mystique dissipates.  The department loses respect and your employees are left feeling unsupported and impotent.  Their external solutions also threaten the integrity of your systems, with respect to security

Back to that survey

Another interesting finding of the survey mentioned above is that external, unauthorized solutions are turned to by IT employees, themselves.  The very people charged with making things run smoothly are frustrated by their own efforts, at a rate of 60%.

That’s not sending the right message!

Further 1/3 of the people surveyed were seeking new employment, citing lackluster support from IT at a rate of 86%.  So, it’s clear that an IT department that’s letting you and your employees down is in serious need of immediate reform.

And it wasn’t only a poor response to fixing problems stymying end users that employees were disappointed by.  They also had difficulty sourcing documents necessary to the performance of their duties.  Other key areas of concern were employee onboarding and performance reviews.

So, what’s the solution?


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