Are Telecom Cost Savings Strategic?


In a recent post, we examined the proposition that telecom is a utility.  After unpacking it, we arrived at the conclusion that it’s a driver of your business’s growth, when leveraged according to certain indicators.

Telecom savings don’t exist in a vacuum.  They’re not had for their own sake.  But are telecom cost savings strategic?

They have the potential to be when viewed beyond a line item in the budget.

Let’s examine how telecom cost savings can be strategically aligned to your organizational goals.

Sustained strategy.

The pursuit of saving on telecom services can be an exercise in cutting off your nose to spite your face.  For example:  your team all have a stated desire for company mobile devices.  You bridle at this, because of the cost.

But what does your organization have to gain by answering that desire?  Rather a lot.  By untethering them from your physical plant, you’ve created the right conditions for a mobile work force, constantly available and constantly engaged in productive efforts.

Mobility is productivity, so nickel and diming staff on this crucial need is not a strategic move.  The strategy is in untethering them.

But it’s also in applying an analytical model to your telecom cost savings efforts which serve the goal of growth.  As we said in the post referenced earlier, telecom is a growth center which can’t be ignored.

Center of Excellence.

Recreating your telecom function as a CoE recreates it and revisions it as something more than you may have believed it is.  By applying standards that uphold best practices across the spectrum of telecom services (from cost optimization, to technical standards and operational facility), you’re recreating this cost center as a driver of accelerated growth for your business.

Taking an analytical approach to your telecom cost reduction efforts means knowing when cost-cutting is needed and when it’s going to work against you.  Knowing which expenditures serve the goal of growth and which inhibit them requires a data-driven exploration of every facet of the cost center.

Outsourced analytics.

Telecom cost savings are strategic when they’re approached from the standpoint of what those services are doing to advance your overarching business goals.

Outsourcing the analytical function makes a lot of sense from this standpoint and outsourcing to OpDecision?  Even more sense.

OpDecision offers companies like your’s strategic telecom cost savings, by applying a data-driven analytical model which determines how your investment in this function translates as ROI.

Because we’re staffed and led by people who’ve come directly to OpDecision from the telecom sector, we have insider knowledge about unpublished pricing, finely-tuned experience with telecom contracts and experience on both sides of the contractual negotiating table.

That means we can bring you up to 45% in telecom cost reduction, while not sacrificing service, demanding that you change carriers, or that you upgrade software or systems.

OpDecision optimizes your telecom systems by not only saving you money, but by ensuring that those savings are strategically leveraged to create communication facilities that move your growth forward.  Contact us.

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