It’s Tax Time! See How Increasing Wireless Taxes Affect Your Bill


The two great certainties of life are death and taxes and at no time are we more keenly aware of that than in the month of April.  It’s time to buckle down and pay our pound of flesh to the taxman.

Since 2014, we’ve seen successive increase in wireless taxes.  This year is no exception and you can expect to see an average of 19% of your telecom bill dedicated to one of the certainties of life.

It’s tax time!  See how increasing wireless taxes affect your bill and empower yourself with knowledge.

Rising tax costs

While wireless taxes have dipped on three occasions in recent years (2006, 2008 and 2014), over the past four years, they seem to be soaring, with no end in sight.  Taxes on wireless usage have risen 4.5% since 2006 – an astronomical increase.

What’s strange about this is that fees for wireless from providers have decreased over the same period.  The cost of the average month’s usage has dipped an average of 4%, while associated taxes have increased by 23%.

Barring federal intervention (as we saw in 2008, when the IRS was forced by the courts to drop the 3% excise tax on wireless), this trend threatens to continue.

Fight back

OpDecision is the outsourced solution to increasing wireless taxes.  Because taxation is applied according to your wireless spend, cutting those costs is your best defense against the burgeoning tax burden incurred for wireless.

Managing your invoice and monitoring your spend’s problem areas (like data usage) can make a big difference in the amount of taxes you’re on the hook for.

When your work with OpDecision, you work with a team that comes directly to our work as wireless expense reduction expects from the telecom industry.  We monitor your billings to ensure you’re paying the correct tax rate for your jurisdiction and that your bills are in line with reality.

We find you saving in your billings, your contract and in compliance with your vendor agreement.  Dormant phones?  Whether they’re being used or not, your provider may still be charging you for those lines.

Duplications and errors are more common than you may believe and OpDecision has the sharp eyes to find them and have them removed.

The right rates

Did you know that your phone-only devices might be having the same taxes as Smartphones slapped on them?  In many states, there are variable rates of taxation for different devices and sometimes, mistakes are made.

Why should you pay for someone else’s errors?

OpDecision’s analytical approach allows you to find errors, duplications and defunct devices which are no longer being used.

Optimize your spend

At OpDecision, we optimize your wireless spend by combing through the fine print in your contract.  Having been on both sides of the negotiating table, we know how to find you savings, by ensuring compliance with your vendor agreement and ensuring that agreement continues to mesh with your company’s goals.

Are you ready to fight back?  OpDecision’s arsenal has the right weapons.  Contact us.

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