Secrets of Telecom Cost Reduction


Secrets.  Everybody’s got at least one.  So, you can imagine how many the telecom industry has.

This post is dedicated to sharing with you a small sampling of the secrets of telecom cost reduction.  Here, we’ll look behind the veil at some helpful information that can reduce your monthly telecom billings.

Let’s find out what secrets lurk in the heart of Telecomland.

Auto-Renewals – Business Internet

Unlike business phone services, internet for business is not regulated, so it’s rather like the Wild West.

If you’re of the mind to cancel, almost every vendor out there wants 60-days’ notice from you to cancel service, prior to contract expiration.  No notice?  Auto-renewal – for the same duration as the original agreement.

To stay on top of auto-renewals, they’re either diarized for one month prior to notice period or the language is removed.

But your best bet is to kibosh the language as part of your negotiation process to avoid discovering that you’re tied to your provider for another term, as stipulated by your agreement.

The Mysterious 3rd Parties

Sometimes, you’ll find 3rd parties behind that veil we were talking about.  These are companies retained by your provider as billing agents.  They’re not always shady, but because they’re 3rd party there’s no way of knowing ahead of time.

With this secret, it’s important to remember that consumer protections don’t apply to businesses.  That’s why it’s so crucial to check your billings carefully every month.  Charges you know nothing about can appear on your invoice because of these mysterious 3rd parties.

The good news is that you can get rid of spurious charges easily, as these companies live in fear of the vendor finding out what they’re up to.  But you can’t catch them at it if you’re not checking your bill.  It’s also good to know that local exchange carriers don’t retain 3rd parties.

Streamlined?  Not Hardly

If your vendor representative hands you what’s referred to as a “streamlined” contract, what you’re really getting is a bill of goods.  Ostensibly shaved down to the essentials for ease of review, the streamlined contract is no such thing.

Somewhere out there in cyberspace, there’s a corresponding document with the real contractual details, also known as a Service Guide.

The Service Guide favors the vendor and can be changed at any time.  So, if your rep attempts this maneuver, say you require a copy of the corresponding Service Guide prior to any agreement being struck.

The Best Secret of All

There are many secrets in Telecomland and here’s the best of them all – OpDecision. Because our teams and leadership come direct to us from the telecom industry, we’ve not only seen what’s behind the veil, we’ve engaged with it intimately as telecom industry professionals.

We’re insiders who know the secrets of the telecom industry.  We know about unpublished pricing that they’re never going to reveal without the outsourced expertise of OpDecision.

That’s one of the secrets of telecom cost reduction that can save you a bundle.

Contact us to lift the veil.  Insider knowledge is power.

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