5 Ways to Reduce Mobile Phone Expenses with Telecom Best Practices


Is there anything more confusingly opaque than your company’s mobile phone monthly billing?  Muddy, mysterious and sometimes bizarre, that bill is one of the most challenging documents you’ll attempt to decipher on any given day.

This post is intended to provide some excellent tools to make it easier to wrangle.  Here, we’ll share 5 ways to reduce mobile phone expenses with telecom best practices.  Read on and save!

1. Value Added Resellers (VARs)

You may know that most telecom vendors permit 3rd party billers to add items to your invoice without telling you.

It’s now a common practice for 3rd parties to call and attempt to sell you a new service.  Even if you say “no”, the service can turn up on your bill.  Usually not a large amount, charges like these can be missed and they can also add up, over time.  If you’re a large company, with many employee devices in play, your invoice may be voluminous.  Who’s got the human resources to dedicate to combing through that bill?

3rd parties rely on that reality to sneak through those small amounts.

With Valued Added Resellers, you can cut 3rd parties off at the pass. Choose a VAR which has clearly defined policy prohibiting 3rd party billing, like Access Point or DynaLink.

2. Chasing Programs

Old carriers will often come back to haunt you, with promises of new pricing models.  Resist!

But the savings they’re offering you aren’t enduring.  They’re temporary and you’ll wind up paying through the nose.  Of course, they want your business, but you can do better than this bait and switch tactic.

3. Get Support

Languishing unused phone lines are now such a huge cost burden to many companies, that services have sprung up to find them.  It’s part of what we do, at OpDecision.  When your staff is maxed out, we take the time to go through your billings to identify defunct phone lines.  Well also root out services you’re paying for but don’t use and spurious line items.

4. Centralize Billing

If your operation has multiple locations, different methodologies are being applied to managing your telecom billings – and that’s never a good thing.

Centralizing your billings brings uniformity of purpose and practice, ensuring that they’re getting the same treatment, regardless of where charges originate.  Carriers will also take advantage of your remote locations by walking in to sell new services, even though you may have an umbrella enterprise agreement in place.

5. Insider Knowledge

You’re not a telecom professional, so the world carriers inhabit can feel like a labyrinth.  But with OpDecision, you get insider knowledge that comes to you direct from the telecom industry.

We find the savings you’re looking for in the fine print – in your billings and your contract, offering double-digit savings without taxing your human resources.

We hope these 5 ways to reduce mobile phone expenses with telecom best practices can help you shave a little off that monthly invoice.  Contact us for insider knowledge that saves you even more.

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