How do You Process, Validate and Correct Telecom Invoices?


For large companies, the work involved in the monitoring stage of the invoice cycle is intense.  But it’s here you’ll find the greatest savings.

While it’s a time-consuming affair, asking yourself the question “how do you process, validate and correct telecom invoices”, is a worthy pursuit.  You need to know, in no uncertain terms that your vendor is in compliance and that you’re not paying for lines which are dormant, rarely used, or not used at all (in the case of existing landlines).

Processing, validation and correction are three areas of telecom invoice administration which demand close attention.  Let’s look at them all in detail.


Many companies continue to receive paper invoicing.  While a considerable number have moved to an electronic format, paper invoices are still around and they can be cumbersome, to say the least, especially if you’re receiving invoices in the tens of thousands of dollars.

With TEM, this stage of the invoice cycle is streamlined, because every line item is categorized, providing key data which can identify duplicate charges and other inconsistencies which require your attention.  Invoices are coded for easy identification, eliminating the pile of paper sometimes associated with telecom invoices.


The validation of your telecom invoice is a process of matching the charges appearing on it to what you know about your telecom environment.  Are there charges for phones no longer in use?  Are there duplicate charges, or charges for services which aren’t in your contract?

The validation phase is where the rubber meets the road, as this is where you’ll discover contractual inconsistencies, errors and irregularities which can swell your costs.

With TEM, an automated monthly audit of your invoice is conducted, identifying items which should be disputed and removed from your invoice.


Now that you’ve found those costly errors and duplications in your invoice, it’s time to talk to your vendor about correction and removal.  This is a time-consuming activity and one which can mean a lot of human resource hours devoted to resolution.

With TEM, this function is also administered, as the system tracks disputes to resolution, saving your human resources the effort.

Your staff has better things to do.

If you’re still dredging through your telecom invoices in search of hidden savings, OpDecision is here to help.  We’re an outsourced solution, offering telecom environment reform informed by insider knowledge, garnered in our team’s service to telecom industry giants.

Your staff has better things to do than spend their time identifying items on your invoices which don’t belong there, then chasing down vendors to dispute them and rectify the errors found.  With OpDecision, that’s taken off your staff’s plate.

The outsourced solution.

Because OpDecision’s expert team and leadership come directly from the telecom industry, we’re keenly aware of where to find the hidden savings.  And not just in your invoice.  We find it in your vendor contract and in compliance.

If you’re ready for an outsourced solution that optimizes your telecom environment by streamlining its processes, you’re ready for OpDecision.

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