Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Telecom Expense Management


IT/telecom departments have enough to do.  They’re troubleshooting and training, because that’s their role.

Increasingly, employees everywhere are looking at IT/telecom with a jaded eye.  They’re not receiving the internal customer service they need and that brings the whole party down.  Outsourcing your Telecom Expense Management is one way to take the heat off.

When TEM is outsourced, your company derives numerous benefits.  One of the most compelling is the reduction in expenses, due to analytics and practiced eyes that can see where the savings are lurking – in the fine print, in your billings and in compliance with your vendor agreement.

Here are some very good reasons to consider outsourcing your telecom expense management.

Stretch your capacity

Outsourcing your telecom expense management is one way to stretch your capacity that makes sense.  Your human resources are precious.  These are the people working for you who keep your information technology and telecom systems humming along as they should.

When staff in this sector of your organization are tasked with another layer of administration, efficiency can suffer.  Today’s IT/telecom departments have a lot demanded of them.  Part of that is keeping an eye on the shifting sands of developing technology, so IT/telecom staff are also taking a strategic role.

Putting TEM on the plate of an outsourced solution not only relieves pressure on existing capacity, it brings your company expertise which is focused and dedicated solely to this task.

That bottom line thing

The bottom line is always on your mind, but who’s minding the store, when it comes to telecom expense management?

Hiring outsourced expertise means you’re bolting on people who are highly-trained to run TEM systems and to perform the analytical work required to finding material savings.  Outsourcing your TEM can mean thousands of dollars in cost reductions, because professionals in the field know where to look.

Outsourced professionals also understand that effective telecom expensive management means strategic planning for the future, pointing you toward technological solutions that go well beyond saving you money.  They propel your organization toward a future in which it’s positioned to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Foster internal customer service

Earlier in this post, we’ve pointed out the importance of internal customer service.  Employees both need and want this.  When IT/telecom is tied up with maintaining and administering TEM, they’re not getting to your people when they need them.

You can foster a culture of exemplary IT/telecom leadership and response by freeing your people in that department to do their best and most vital work – servicing your staff, preventing unnecessary bottlenecks and preventing the use of “shadow IT”.

Shadow IT happens when existing systems aren’t serviced adequately, allowing end users to smoothly access the information they need.  That exposes your organization to security risks.


OpDecision is the leader in telecom expense management.  We’re the outsourced solution that reduces the burden on your IT/telecom team, while offering insider insight, direct from the telecom industry.

That insight is one of the key reasons you should consider outsourcing your telecom expense management.  Contact us.

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