OpDecision offers Wireless Cost Analysis services that help businesses reduce wireless expenses.

Wireless Cost Analysis

Through our Wireless Cost Analysis services, our mission is to help you manage wireless telecom expenses, while making carrier relationships as favorable and advantageous as possible.

“…our apprehension quickly dissolved, for the proof was in the savings”
—Angela M. McCaffery
Bittenbender Construction

While analyst research varies, it is generally known that most organizations are drastically overpaying for wireless services. Why? Billing mistakes, lack of time and understanding, failure to effectively negotiate rate plans, and carrier negligence are a few of the reasons.

Our Wireless Cost Analysis services leverage extensive industry experience, inside knowledge, and innovative methods to achieve significant savings for our clients. Our unparalleled approach to Wireless Cost Analysis combines rate optimization expertise, unpublished pricing, pooling, percentage discounts, and an unmatched knowledge of carrier negotiation processes.

Our Wireless Cost Analysis services DO NOT require you to:

  • Does not require a change wireless carriers
  • Does not require you extend the term of your current wireless contract
  • Does not require you to Change any telecom or wireless equipment
  • Does not require you to change your current wireless carrier representative

Wireless Cost Analysis Snapshot

  • Benefits organizations with 50 to 10,000 devices
  • Provide wireless rate and optimization opportunities
  • Attains unpublished pricing and non-commissioned rates
  • Accesses larger corporate wireless rate discounts
  • Creates an advantageous negotiation process, even under contract
  • Recovers credits for billing errors, overcharging, and carrier negligence
  • Does not require Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software

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