Managed Wireless Services

For organizations looking to continuously identify cost savings opportunities and implement changes proactively on an ongoing basis, OpDecision offers Managed Services to existing clients following the initial eight-month Wireless Cost Analysis period. This service is billed quarterly, on a per line basis, allowing you to predict and control the costs associated with managing wireless services while continuously accessing the full benefits of expert wireless cost management services.

Managed Wireless Services Overview:

  • Available to existing clients after initial eight-month Wireless Cost Analysis period
  • Continuously reduces costs
  • Deliver on-going savings of 20-45% on average
  • Provides for implementation of changes (with client approval)
  • Improves transparency of the following:
    • Mobile number / User name
    • Change Plan (Voice, Data, and Features)
    • Preventable usage and overage charges
    • Non-preventable charges (411, Long Distance, Roaming)
    • Average cost per user
  • Simplifies carrier bills that are difficult to interpret
  • Uncovers information that is sometimes concealed within a bill
  • Offers monthly reports with easy to read data that trend usage and history
  • Provides independent third party review of carrier

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