Wireless Business Solutions – A New Era of Networking


In 2017, Cisco introduced the world’s very first intent-based networking.  This advent is supporting IT professionals battling disruptions arising from the now ubiquitous cloud and the rising Internet of Things.

But that was just the beginning.  2018 promises to continue the trend toward enhanced wireless business solutions, re-defined by next generation networking solutions.  Let’s look at what we can expect from this new era of networking.

The right balance.

It’s undeniable that business networking requires strong security.  This can sometimes mean that privacy is sacrificed, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Next general wireless business solutions in this new era of networking will be balancing these two interests.  Until now, security has approached traffic indiscriminately.  Everything has been considered a potential threat.

Going forward, inspection will be targeted, demanding less from IT in terms of decryption measures and inspecting only those connections which exhibit signs of activity with malicious intent.

Decentralized and selective, this new methodology demands greater system agility, with the ability to redirect flow for a higher level of inspection, as needed.

Automation key to competition.

Manual input is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  This factor means that rolling out digital services, changing existing systems, or being at all nimble in the face of change is out of the question, as IT teams need weeks or even months to respond.

IBN (intent-based networking) speeds up the process to the point at which programmers can respond in close to real time.  Those who take up the automation banner will be well ahead of the competition, because they’re nimble – pivoting instantaneously, when a pivot’s required.

Companies who’ve extended their reach to grasp automation will be the ones who thrive in the coming years, as their non-automated competitors scramble to catch up.

Enter the Internet of Things.

A key driver in the new era of networking is, of course, the Internet of Things.  This aspect of the digital world is opening the door to realities like serverless computing – until recently an impossible dream.

Distributed computing is the new reality, creating the means for IT challenges to be solved in multiple locations by devices which “speak to each other”.  Tasks are broken up into their constituent parts, creating a more dynamic and less cumbersome workflow.

The shared resources represented invite innovation which grows the Internet of Things into a digitally-savvy business resource which benefits all users of the system in play.

Wireless business solutions are about to enter a new and exciting era of networking.  As we move into the New Year, key takeaways are that networking is becoming less tied to the models of the past and is branching out to encompass the fullness of the digital world.


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