Mobile Remote Access and What it Means for You


Mobile remote access is one of the cornerstones of the digital revolution.

Facilitating rapid-fire communication and global, constant contact, it’s changed the way we do business.  If you’re already there, we don’t need to tell you about mobile remote access and what it means to you.  But if you’re still on the fence, we hope this post will convince you that it means growing your business sustainably and intelligently.

And even if you’re all in at this point, there are some pitfalls you can avoid by applying best practices to MRA to ensure that you’re playing the best game you can possibly play.

Staying connected

One of the most pressing challenges of MRA is the ability to stay connected to the network.  Wi-Fi can be spotty, due to weather challenges and location.

Allowing your users to choose the way they connect is a best practice that helps them maintain their communication link to you.  Disconnecting data when roaming is another way to maintain a more stable connection when in the field.

Powered up?

Battery life can also challenge those accessing your network remotely.  Again, Wi-Fi is the best choice, as its demands on device batteries are significantly lower than other options, like LTE, 2G and 3G.

But not all MRA transactions are created equal and assessing individual devices against available modes of connection and personal access patterns can reveal the best strategy to apply to ensure batteries are always ready to do what they need to.


This is one of the great bug-a-boos of the Information Age and especially applicable to the question of mobile remote access.

When Bring Your Own Device policies are in play, security can become a major concern.  That’s why it’s so important to have in place protocols which govern remote usage.

Policies and procedures concerning what’s permissible for BYOB users can also serve to bolster security, but database logins which are restricted and authentication for each login are other measures which can render MRA much more secure.

It’s still a great strategy

While the challenges of MRA are real, the benefits far outweigh them.  Your business becomes flexible and responsive with MRA.  Employees are untethered from their desks and customers are never left listening to a landline ringing off the hook.

While your organization saves on IT infrastructure, its operations become more fluid, driven by the mobility which characterizes this era of digital transformation.

Best of all, your employees are always there.  Delayed flights, scheduling changes and inclement weather become meaningless when your business embraces MRA.  And mobility gives your company the stellar opportunity to entice top talent by making it possible for them to work from home – something bright young Millennials want.

Agility is easy with MRA, reducing downtime and communication logjams.  Accomplish your goals with a network that pushes back the office walls, opening them onto the world.


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