Meeting Your Wireless Cost Management Goals


Wireless cost management is a balancing act.  It’s important that your employees and clients have ready access to support and information.  It’s even more important that clients can reach key people when they need to.

Managing the cost of it all and keeping it line with reality can be a distinct challenge.  Your business has goals to meet, while keeping the budget in check.

So how do you bend this section of the budget to your will?  At OpDecision, we have some great ways to do it.

In the fine print.

Your wireless provider contract is a good place to start when you’re actively working at meeting your wireless cost management goals.  It’s in the fine print of that contract that OpDecision can find the savings you need to meet those goals.

Because our leadership originates in the wireless industry, we know all the ins and outs.  We go into contract negotiations ready for battle, because we’re armed with insider information that leads us to hidden cost reduction opportunities.

We’ll examine your contract and then negotiate with your vendor to restructure it to better reflect your organizational needs.  Because we know what we’re looking for, you won’t have to spare precious human resources combing through the documentation.  We do it for you.

We’ll unearth services that are no longer working for you and take a good hard look at implementation to ensure it’s fully realized.

Billings are another source of significant cost reduction opportunities.  Instead of putting the function on the already heaving plate of one of your employees, pass it on to OpDecision.  We’ll root out duplicate billings and out-of-use devices you’re still being charged for.

Trained eyes see more.  OpDecision’s insider industry knowledge offers you eyes that see beyond the obvious.

Slashing wireless costs.

OpDecision is in the business of slashing your wireless costs by up to 45%.  Because our team comes to us fresh from the wireless industry, we’re aware of opportunities like unpublished pricing and other factors which can net your organization incredible savings, helping you meet your budgetary goals.

And here’s the best part: our remuneration is based on finding the savings in your contract and its implementation, your billings and your vendor relationship.  Your budget goals are met and you won’t even have to change your infrastructure or software to get there.

The leader.

OpDecision is the wireless cost management strategy leader.  Because we’re outsourced, you spare valuable human resources, while meeting wireless cost management goals.

Our insider knowledge allows us to increase service while cutting costs by getting you the best agreement we possibly can.  We know how to do that, because we’ve worked for giants in the sector, like T-Mobile USA and Global West Communications.

OpDecision comes to you with expertise that helps you cut costs, while enhancing crucial wireless infrastructure.  We bring you in depth understanding of vendors and industry advances and developments, deploying that understanding to your benefit.  The result?  Your business’s resources are freed up for other priorities.

Ready to meet your wireless cost management goals? Contact us.

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