Best Tips to Limit Data Usage for iPhone and Android


Data usage is on the rise and businesses like yours are a taking a hit because of it.  This post explores our best tips to limit data usage for iPhone and Android.  Shore up employee productivity and limit the menace of high charges on your telecom provider invoice by putting them to good use.

Red alert

Here’s a great tip to let high usage employees know they’re red lining – send them an alert, straight to their devices!  And this one covers all types of mobile devices.

A simple message to your top users, advising them that they’re in the zone is a great way to put a cap on things.  Many people aren’t even aware of the gigs they’re eating up with casual usage.

At the same time, ask them to connect to WiFi whenever possible, to further reduce the high cost of data usage.

iPhones can be better managed for data usage with Apple push notifications, which will let you know about usage connected to social media applications and instant messaging.  You can also use this to turn cell data either on or off for all the apps on your phone.  You control the usage by prioritizing what’s most important.

From push notifications, you can also turn off app refresh running in the background.  This not only saves you data usage, but the life of your battery.

With Androids, some of your apps are going to be sucking data, even when the device isn’t in use.  Under settings and data usage, find mobile data.  Here, you can find out which of your applications are sucking data and correct the problem, reducing usage.

All this information can be offered to employees via internal emails, a social media platform, or other channels of regular communication with your mobile device users.

Use WiFi to update applications

First and foremost, disable automatic updates.  You can allow updates to occur only when you’re on WiFi, which represents a huge reduction in data usage.

Ensure that all your employees have this message delivered in an easy to follow format.  You’ll find that this tip alone will save you a bundle.

Reining in data usage among your mobile users is as simple as clear communication.

Policies and procedures

Clarity about mobile device data usage is not as complicated as it may seem, at first glance.  Communication is your best friend in this regard and the foundation of that communication is in your policies and procedures.

Establishing easy to follow usage policies gives you leverage for keeping data costs to a dull roar and under control.  Letting your employees know, the moment you place the device in their hands, what company policy is and how they can adhere to it is a powerful tool against out-of-control data costs.


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