How to Make Sure Your IT Team Is Ready for Digital Transformation


Every organization’s IT team plays a critical role in the digital transformation process. If they are not on board, it will be practically impossible to attain your goals.

Digital transformation is a game-changer in terms of how business managers engage with both their employees and customers. Organizations, employees and customers are now more connected than ever before thanks to mobile technology. It’s imperative that business leaders begin preparing their IT teams to embrace digital transformation.

Recent studies show that lack of technical skills among employees threatens the business growth. Employees should have adequate knowledge to support the organization’s digital transformation strategy.

Here are some ideas on how to make sure your IT team is ready for digital transformation.

Communicate Your Digital Transformation Agenda

As organizations embark on the digital transformation journey, business leaders need to become transparent and communicate their digital transformation plan as often as possible. This ensures that your employees aren’t “in the dark” which allows rumors, anger and sometimes fear to thrive.

Whether you have 5 or 50,000 employees, you need to clearly communicate your vision and plan since you can’t make it far without involving your people. In your communication plan, consider the following issues:

  • Why your company needs to undergo digital transformation.
  • The new technologies that you intend to introduce into the business.
  • The impact of digital technology on your employees.
  • Your digital transformation timeline.
  • How you will prepare your employees for the upcoming changes.

Prepare Your Workforce for Digital Transformation

As the world changes rapidly, new capabilities and technologies are being introduced at a fast rate. As part of your digital transformation plans, ensure that you understand the impact of these new technologies on your organization. This will help you to prepare your IT team for the transformation. Consider the skills and technologies that your employees need in order to thrive in this new reality.

Develop Your Employees’ Skills

This may involve building internal programs to equip your employees with the right skills. You can also partner with educational institutions to offer online or in-person training sessions depending on the available options. This not only contributes to workforce preparedness, but it also builds a good workplace culture which is vital to a company’s growth.

Recent technological advancements require IT professionals to have adequate domain knowledge on cloud orchestration, converged infrastructure, analytics and data science, process automation and cyber security.


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