How Manufacturers Can Cut Telecom Expenses


Telecom expenses can be tricky beasts.  If you don’t have your eye on the ball, all sorts of funny things can happen to your monthly invoice.

And they’re not really funny at all, because they usually manifest as bloated costs, unwarranted and unaccountable.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.  How manufacturers can cut telecom expenses is by working with an outsourced solution like OpDecision.

Your employees have a lot on their plate but cutting telecom expenses is all we do at OpDecision.  We cut them by finding inconsistencies and errors in your billing.  We cut them by combing through the fine print in your contract.  We cut them over the negotiating table, getting you access to the right deal for your operation.

Read on to find out more about how we accomplish these amazing feats of cost cutting!

Multiple locations?  One solution

If you’re a manufacturer, you’ve more than likely got more than one location.  That can cause real headaches for companies overseeing Telecom Expense Management (TEM) in-house.

How are you to get to the bottom of mysterious increases in charges, or charges you don’t understand when you’ve got remote locations?  Because OpDecision’s leadership and team members come to us direct from the telecom industry, they know what they’re looking for.

With insider knowledge and analytical precision, we find you cost reductions in the fine print that can save your company on your telecom billing.  And our compensation?

OpDecision is paid according to the savings we find for you.

Savings are in the details

Because of intimate industry knowledge, OpDecision knows that the savings are in the details.  We go deep, delving into every billing, service or maintenance charge and your contract, seeking inconsistencies and anomalies that cut your costs.

That frees your staff to do what they’re in place to do.  We’re outsourced, so we expand your capacity to encompass finely-detailed analysis that reduces your telecom expenses.  An you can put the money you save into other organizational priorities.

A capsule case study

Our client’s employees were engaged with three separate carriers.  OpDecision identified all possible service options with a variety of vendors and solicited proposals.

In the negotiating process, we were able to get the client new hardware at no cost, as well as a credit of over $60K.  Leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships, the bidding process provided further leverage via competition between carriers.

That netted our client an augmented discount of 14% and reduced roaming and long distance charges.

We ensured that unpublished pricing was implemented.  Finally, we discovered an industry discount that increased the corporate price break and also provided free, unlimited texting, discounted pricing on air cards and credit triggers.

All these measures added up to an almost 54% reduction in telecom expenses for our client.

And that’s how manufacturers can save on telecom expenses.

OpDecision – the cost cutters

With an intimate experience of the industry and key relationships with insiders, OpDecision is uniquely placed to cut your telecom expenses.

Ready to save?  Contact us to find out more.

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