How Businesses can Cut Cell Phone Costs in 2019


Keeping your business costs in line with reality is a fulltime job.  And cell phone costs can really take a bite out of your budget.

But there are so many actions you can take to cut your cell phone costs.  In this post, we’ll share some with you.  Let’s find out how businesses can cut cell phone costs in 2019.

Check and Compare

Whether your organization is happy with its current provider or not, it never hurts to stay abreast of pricing models from other carriers.  This keeps your vendor on its toes.

A good policy is intermittently checking in with your cell phone provider to advise them you’re aware of more favorable pricing models and asking how it might be possible to amend your contract to reflect that reality.

Unused Devices

Life at work moves quickly, so when people leave, it’s often the case that their company phone hasn’t been reassigned and continues to rack up a line item on your cell phone bill.  If this happens repeatedly, your organization is saddled with unnecessary charges for devices which aren’t being used.

No one can be everywhere in any given company, so reviewing your provider’s monthly billing periodically can alert you to a costly problem you needn’t have.  Keeping up-to-date and ensuring that lines no longer in use are suspended is the best practice and how businesses can cut cell phone costs in 2019.

Review Bills for Compliance

Taking a careful look at your bill is one way to ensure that the contract you have in place with your provider is being honored.

Because there’s no law to stop cell phone companies from shifting pricing and adding mysterious charges, it’s up to you to police your bill.  Doing this regularly will spare you unpleasant surprises.  Not being pro-active in this regard can make overcharges more difficult to recover.

Change Your International Call Strategy

The days of needing a telephone to make overseas calls are long gone.  Today, many companies are opting for online solutions which allow you to make these calls either exceptionally inexpensively, or free of charge.  Video-conferencing and internet telephone services can save you reams of money, if you intentionally change your international call strategy to embrace the new normal.

While these methods may sound simple enough to achieve, they demand human resources to make them effective.  Add to that the fact that there are other strategies available to you when you call on an outsourced solution like OpDecision.  The whole project gets so much easier.


At OpDecision, we’re in the business of saving companies like yours on cell phone and wireless charges.  We’re not just experts here.  We’re insiders, with our leadership and teams coming directly from the wireless industry

With access to unpublished and promotional pricing, we can get you the best deal possible.  We can also manage cell phone cost reduction as dedicated experts who know exactly what to look for.  But one thing’s for sure, the playing field gets leveled with OpDecision on your team.  Contact us.

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