My Company Can’t Afford Fiber Re-Cabling, Does That Mean We Can’t Deploy an IoT Solution?


Fiber optics represent the silver bullet to hyper-fast internet speeds and thus, rapid-fire data transmission.

But they’re not cheap.

That reality isn’t lost on you, if you’re reading this.  Your company, like others, is engaged in digital transformation which demands much of your connectivity.  That can be frustrating if the budget isn’t there for re-cabling, especially with respect to IoT and its potential to transform and precipitously grow your operation.

But all is not lost.  When the budget’s not available for a complete re-tooling of your infrastructure, there are other ways to skin the cat and traditional wiring can still serve your need for speed.  One of those ways is vectored VDSL.

Until Fiber Optic Costs Reduce

Like everything else in the world, the cost of innovation is subject to economies of scale.  A tipping point is eventually reached and costs come down.

But until that moment comes, your legacy wiring can still serve up the high data transmission speeds you need for an effective IoT strategy, with VDSL (Very High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line).  An upgrade from previous versions of DSL (ADSL and SDSL), VDSL doesn’t suffer from the line interference previous versions do, nor the difficulty of distance from the provider.

With VDSL, multiple frequency bands can be utilized, providing enhanced spectrum for data to be transmitted without impediment.

Fast and Reliable

Three times faster than ADSL, when vectoring is added, VDSL ensures that background noise and interference are no longer an issue.  Applying noise canceling technology, interference is reduced by up to 60%, moving your data faster and further on your existing wiring.

In terms of digital transformation and deploying IoT solutions, capacity needs to support your organization’s use of technology.  The vectored VSDL solution provides you with a temporary solution that precludes the need to jump on fiber optic re-cabling – at least for the time being.

Emerging technology will demand even more from your connectivity.  Virtual and Augmented Reality and AI need the speed of fiber optics.  But scalability is possible with the wiring you have in place, when you turn to a solution capable of optimizing speeds with what you have now.

Fiber optics are the wave of the future.  There’s no getting around that.  But until the moment at which your organization is prepared to take the financial leap and the distance between your budget and the cost of fiber optics is bridged, vectored VDSL provides you with a cost-effective means of staying in the technological game.

For a much smaller investment you can have your traditional wiring and your IoT strategy, too.


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