My Company Can’t Afford Fiber Re-Cabling – What Are the Alternatives?


The increase in bandwidth has always been a crucial task for the telecom engineers. 40Gbps, as well as 100Gbps solutions, were used for all the network applications by way of a lot of engineering effort and research. But these transceivers are not able to support a very long distance range. Also, the cost of the fiber cable takes a huge percentage of the complete network budget. Undoubtedly, fiber re-cabling is very expensive.

There are many factors which determine the price ranges of various network upgrades, but the cost of all the rewiring is often overlooked. When a particular company has to expand or upgrade its network, then often the need for dropping more cables into the ceiling and the walls is created and this physical work starts getting expensive very quickly.

Extending the network

Adding the wireless points of access in the existing network or the surveillance networks and the upgrading security to incorporate the IP cameras can be difficult and challenging. The Ethernet extenders for the alternate cables can solve the problem by extending the network beyond traditional Ethernet cable restrictions, devices that are power connected even without power outlets and by increasing the bandwidth for many enhanced services at the edge of the network. Also, it provides various services in the legacy buildings of any historical places where there are restrictions on any new installations.

Whether it’s security, data or wireless network, it always needs to keep evolving so that it can be faster, better and will be available to meet all the demands of the fast-paced environment today. But upgrading the network with fiber re-cabling can be very expensive and many companies may not be able to afford it.

Opdecision helps these companies expand their network by spending considerably less. We offer wide range of services and can manage their re-cabling expenses. Reusing the wired network for enabling more wireless solutions is the best alternative. This can lead the company to save a lot and, at the same time, expand the network.

Service provider for wireless expense reductions

Opdecision is a leading service provider in the field of wireless expense management. Reducing these expenses is our core job.

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