Fastest Way to Reduce Cell Phone Cost


We all know by now how costly cell phones can be.  Tempting upgrades abound.  But we need them.  We can’t do business without them because it’s now almost impossible to live without them.

But wouldn’t it be nice to be sure that we’re getting the best possible deal on our cell phones?

There is and it’s easier than you think.  So, we’re going to talk about the fastest way to reduce cell phone cost in this episode.  Your organization could use a break, right?

And here’s the best part.  Little needs to change, with respect to usage to achieve this.

Is Your Plan the Right Fit?

It’s often the case that companies arrive at an acceptable cell phone in committee.  This can be a daunting process, as pricing models, potential contractual arrangements and other considerations are carefully weighed.

But then, someone just knows someone who knows someone.  And you get the wrong fit.

It’s essential that you and your vendor get along.  When you’re the wrong fit, you’re not getting what you need and neither is your organization.  Mobility is pivotal to the competitiveness and success of business today, so the right provider fit is crucial.

Ensure your plan is competitive now.  If your vendor agrees, you can re-tool the contractual relationship to reflect changes since your contract was arrived at.  That document may be signed but it’s still a living document in the fast-paced mobile world.

The Big, Scary Bill

Does anyone ever check through that thing?  Are human resources specifically assigned to the task of checking your monthly billings for anomalies, unused lines, double billings and bizarre surcharges?  You need to know what you’re paying for, so we hope the answer is “yes”.

If that’s not getting done, it’s likely that your bill has been inflated by charges you should be paying.  So, paying attention to what’s on your bill is worth the effort.

Don’t be scared.  It’s not as esoteric as it looks when you go through it systematically.

Policy Is Your Friend

Unless you’re a company with a Bring Your Own Device cell phone agreement in place with employees, it’s critical that you set policy around employee usage.

You don’t need to come down like a ton of bricks to get the job done.  Involve your staff in the project and get the buy in you need to set fair, cost-effective policy that reins in the rogues among you, yet honors the needs of the people working for your organization.

All employees should sign on to policy for their employment contract to be valid.  When you join a team, you join a culture and smart usage is part of that.


These 3 ways to reduce cell phone costs are just the beginning of what an outsourced wireless cost reduction expert can do for you.

OpDecision finds you savings in the fine print.  We comb your bills.  We rifle through your contract because we love finding you hidden savings.

We come to you direct from the telecom industry. Contact us. Shrink your costs, fast.

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