Keep an Eye on Your Employees’ Mobility Costs…or Else!


We all know that mobility is a revolution in the way we live and work.  But it’s also a source of some consternation for those who do the books.

Mobility costs in most companies now account for the largest line item in the IT department.  Whether you’re working on the BYOD (bring your own device) model, or your company’s providing items like phones and tablets, costs can skyrocket in a hurry.

People with phones can often lose track of their usage or become cavalier about it.  It’s really up to the employer to establish the good fences that make good employer/employee relationships.

Ground Rules Matter

While it’s probably not productive to infantilize your employees, let’s just say that when you give an inch, a mile is too often purloined.  Without boundaries, even the most conscientious employee isn’t clear about what the limitations are.

So, it’s a best practice to purposefully set out ground rules which let your people know where the goalposts are.

Codifying items like what constitutes acceptable usage of company devices, monthly ceilings on data and costs is not “draconian”.  It’s a matter of keeping the lid on a pot that can too easily boil over when not carefully watched.

Getting your head around policies and procedures concerning cell phones is an intentional project which requires a certain amount of homework.  Check out what other companies are doing.  See what’s current and what’s normal in terms of reining in cell phone usage.

Reviewing your usage guidelines yearly ensures you’re keeping pace with industry innovations (IoT, 5G, new devices) and that they continue to meet your company’s needs.

Employee Awareness

Having employee policies and procedures in place is an exercise in futility if your employees aren’t aware of them.  It’s like having a map in the glove box and never looking at it.  You wind up miles away from your destination.

Provide incoming employees with your cell phone usage guidelines as part of onboarding.  Sending guidelines to new employees is part of making them feel they’re being prepared for the new role and are coming into it with their eyes wide open, knowing exactly what to expect.

Be sure to keep all employees in the loop by ensuring they’re getting copies of any recent policy revisions.  Yearly reviews should raise the question of adherence to the guidelines and encourage employees to be more familiar with them.


At OpDecision, we know cell phone costs can run amok in the absence of clear policies.  We know that because we see it all the time.

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