Employee Discounts on Cell Phones Can Save You Money


Discounts sound like a nice little treat for customers, don’t they?  They sound like something of a corporate nicety.  Perhaps, they are but sometimes, they’re a little tough to find.

Employee discounts on cell phones can save you money, if you know where they are and how to get them.  So, we’re going to find them and share them with you.

Because you deserve a break from the high price of cell phones.  And because people who help themselves get the deals.

The Big Three

There is no yellow brick road leading to employee discounts because the big three (Verizon, Sprint and AT & T) aren’t anxious for you to find them.

Great and powerful Oz doles out favors rarely.

But these discounts exist and you need to know about them.

Do You Qualify?

First, let’s talk about the instance of T-Mobile.  This vendor has no organized, public list of eligible companies under its Advantage Program.

That does not preclude you checking in with your HR manager to find out if your company is a member.  Sometimes, these little details fall between the cracks in organizations and that’s not ideal because employees deserve a break on their cell phone charges too.

Now, let’s look at finding out about the Big Three.  This one doesn’t even require a trip to HR because all three companies listed above publish employee discounts and the companies who get them.

We’re talking about discounts which are sizable, depending on the company you work for and the contractual language in place with their vendor to cover employee discounts.

All you need to do is enter your email address at Verizon, Sprint or AT & T ’s discount pages to see if you qualify.  Look at all each of them has to offer. Maybe it’s time to shed your carrier for a better deal.

You may be eligible to save yourself a sizable chunk of change on items like data, voice and messaging plans and even accessories if your employer has made the right deal.

We Cut Costs

Could it be that you’re here conducting research about cell phone cost reduction for your employer and stumbled upon this handy guide?  So enterprising!

You’ve come to the right place because OpDecision is a leader in corporate wireless cost reduction services.  Cell phones, of course, are part of that.

If your company has deployed you to source professionals in the field, you should know that we’ve come to this work via the telecom industry.

And we know all its secrets.

Insider Knowledge

The insider knowledge we bring to your wireless costs reduces them by as much as 45% (and on average, 27%).  That’s a big bite out of your budget.

And we do it with knowledge of unpublished pricing your contract should acknowledge.  We make sure that happens.

Insider knowledge and maintaining strong ties to the sector allows us to offer our customers cost reduction so reliable that our compensation is based on the savings we find you.

Your research is now done.  Let’s talk.

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