Dump Your Landline and You Can Save Big


Landlines – the party lines of the 21st Century.

Many of you reading won’t be old enough to remember, but there was once a time in the ancient days of the last century that people shared their telephone lines with other people.  You could pick up the phone and hear your neighbor chatting about all kinds of things.  A hot hobby of the day was listening in, silently.

Can you imagine?

And like party lines of yore, landlines are not long for this world.  It’s estimated that they’ll be completely obsolete by 2025, with 700,000 US users deleting landlines from their lives every month.

So, what are you waiting for?

They’ll Cost You

Depending on whether you’re an individual consumer or a corporate entity, landlines will cost you.  Contracts often mask the variable between consumer landline costs and those for businesses.  And then, there’s all that costly equipment and employee training.  It can get crazy.

And we really need to ask why, in our cell phone-driven culture, you would need a landline?  Sure, cell phones can get expensive, too and there are places where the reception doesn’t serve.  But there are some great landline alternatives which will cost you very little and deliver outstanding value to your organization.

If you’re clinging to your landline (nostalgia?), then maybe it’s time to consider options.


Voice over Internet Protocol is the most widely used alternative to the traditional landline.  Businesses love this one.  International calls are downright cheap and machine-to-machine call costs you not a dime in most instances, which creates great opportunities for businesses working internationally.

There’s also the amazing MagicJack.  Extremely inexpensive, this alternative most closely mimics the function of the old-timey landline.  For the cost of the unit and a small annual fee, MagicJack gives you unlimited calling within North America at a fraction of the cost associated with the landline.

It’s easy to set up and use and way less expense than the old way of doing things.

So, right here, we have two alternatives ideal for business (in the first instance) and personal users (in the second).  So, seriously.  What are you waiting for?  Dump your landline and you can save big, finally kissing that horse and buggy landline goodbye!

The Good Guys

At OpDecision, we’re in the business of saving your organization money on your wireless costs, including cell phones.

OpDecision’s leadership and teams come direct from the wireless telecom industry, so we know what time it is.  We understand the industry and because we’re the good guys, we still have plenty of friends on the inside.  That saves you money.

We don’t just comb through your billings and contract for savings crouching in the fine print.  We’ve got the 411 on unpublished pricing and all kinds of other insider knowledge that serves your bottom line.

And when we say we can save you money, we mean an average 27% saving and as much as 45% on your wireless telecom costs. You pay us for what we find.

Let’s talk about it!

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