How Much Data are Your Users Using? Here are a Few Quick Tips


Data usage is on the rise and you need to know how much of it your employees are using.  What you should be getting from a user who consumes 35 GBs per month is hyper-productivity, but that’s rarely the case.

Heavy usage points to extra-curricular activities like music and videos.  Unless those are business-related, then why are you paying up to $500 per month (at a cost of $10 – $15 per gig) per user for this high consumption?

Unless those gigs are sending no fewer than 3 million emails per month, or 100K business-related web views, then you’ve got a problem.

And that problem’s not just about money.  It’s about productivity.

It’s also about knowing average usage toward selecting a plan that meets your needs and contains your wireless expenses.

By the numbers

Following is a breakdown of what various activities consume, to better understand where your gigs are going.

Text only emails (containing no other media) – 100 kb

An hour’s worth of music – 61,440 kb

Visiting a web page – 500 kb

Uploading or downloading a high res image – 3,072 kb

60 minutes of viewing videos – 358,400 kb

60 minutes of navigation – 5,120 kb

What these numbers tell us is that extra-curricular usage can be costing you a bundle.  That’s especially true looking at the data consumption required for video and music.

While it’s obvious that much of what’s presented above may be required during the working day, those activities most likely to correlate to professional duties are clearly those which consume the least amount of data.

With the information above, it’s easier to understand where a lot of your data usage is being expended.  That makes it easier to find the right plan and to stop the hideous bleeding occasioned by improper usage.

Setting limits

We’ve said this elsewhere on this blog, but with data usage figures skyrocketing, we don’t think we can say it often enough.

You need to be clear with your employees about permissible device usage when you’re paying.  That’s first.  Once you’ve established the ground rules for your mobile device users, there’s little need to police the data they’re consuming.  They understand why they’ve been provided with a device.

While you’d think that would be abundantly clear, it’s not always.  Having policy in place to cover the types of usage allowed is ground zero for controlling costs which can run amok.  There’s no substitute for clarity.

Make your plan work for you.  Contain usage to what’s appropriate for your work environment, depending on employee roles and get the help of an outsourced expert with insider knowledge of the wireless industry.


At OpDecision, we’re in the business of saving you money.  With expertise garnered by our team and leadership with the big players in the industry, we have intimate knowledge that can reduce your wireless spend by as much as 45%.  On average, we save companies like yours 27% annually.

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