How Contingent Fee Audits Can Lower Telecom/Datacom Expenses


CFO Magazine reports that 80% of telecom invoices contain errors.  So, the likelihood that your company is paying for things it hasn’t purchased is very high, indeed.  That’s where OpDecision can help.

Let’s explore how contingent fee audits can lower telecom/datacom expenses by rooting out errors and anomalies that are costing you money.  That’s money you can use elsewhere in your operation and we can find it for you.

No risk.  High return

Contingent fee audits are performed on a commission basis, according to a pre-arranged formula or percentage of savings identified.

OpDecision’s leadership and teams come direct to us from the telecom industry.  That provides us with keen insider knowledge we use to save your company money.

That said, we’re in this business to share the industry’s secrets with you, from unpublished pricing to practices only insiders have knowledge of.  We’re committed to helping you lower your telecom/datacom expenses.

With no risk to you, we cut your costs by as much as 45% and you pay us according to the fat that we’ve cut.

Expert eyes

When OpDecision’s expert eyes are trained on your billings, we can find out where you’ve been charged erroneously or have been paying service fees unnecessarily.  We’ll also root out lines which are no longer in use, but which you’re still paying for.

An audit of your telecom expenses will also reveal whether your contractual agreements with carriers are being fully honored.  Compliance is a big issue for many companies and it’s often the case that their agreements with vendors no longer reflect telecom/datacom needs.

We’ll even question your existing agreement and test the competition to find out who’s going to give you the best deal.  Sometimes, your current vendor is your best bet.  Other times, that’s not the case.  We make sure your company has the most advantageous agreement possible.

Our analytical approach brings you the security of knowing that your telecom/datacom expenses are in line with reality and that your company is positioned to grow, with the right vendor agreement in place and working for you.

An example

One client we worked with had multiple agreements with carriers in place.  OpDecision took the bull by the horns and did a comparative analysis to find out where these agreements might be improved.  We factored in the importance of digital transformation to the client, optimizing their service at the best prices possible.

By leveraging industry knowledge and relationships, we were able to find massive savings for our client.  We further leveraged industry competition to reduce telecom/data expenses, returning cost reductions of over 50%.

Outsourced expertise

How contingent fee audits can lower telecom/datacom expenses is by applying outsourced expertise and analytical acumen to your existing services.

OpDecision gets to the heart of the matter – it’s in the fine print, your billings and compliance.  That’s where savings are hidden.  We reveal them and then apply our knowledge of the industry to turn them into revenue that could be do something more productive.

Ready to save?  Contact us.  Let’s find your savings!

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