Business Phone Bill Curiosities


The world is full of mysteries and curiosities.  Stranger Things maybe a Netflix sensation, but where business phone bill curiosities are concerned, its subject matter seems benign by comparison.

How does the monthly billing quoted in your agreement suddenly take a quantum leap to a figure twice that amount?  What are taxes and fees/surcharges when they’re home?

Perhaps, like many, you believe that telecom companies have little control over items like taxes, but when the word “taxes” is lumped in with the word “fees” or “surcharges”, it’s clear there’s something afoot which is not altogether wholesome.

Here, we’ll reveal to the curious the secret life of business phone bill curiosities.

Roll up!  The show’s about to begin and yes.  It’s passing strange.

Stranger than fiction.

For those who’ve experienced the effect we’ve alluded to above, you’ll understand that the Upside Down has got nothing on business phone bills, when it comes to strange phenomena.  Mysterious appearances by charges unknown are common in this murky underworld.

Regardless of who your vendor is – from the giants to the small fries – telecom companies bill one month in advance.  That means your first bill is going to be a doozy.  In addition, there are those taxes and fees (or surcharges).

And you aren’t quite sure what that means.  Like the Demogorgon, they reside in the hidden ethers of the universe.  They appear out of nowhere, demanding that you pay them, without question.

And that’s the strangest part.  That line item on your business phone bill can amount to up to 40% of your bill.  But it gets weirder.  Vendors aren’t compelled to collect taxes from their customers.  They’re only compelled to pay them.

And the only fixed cost in those mysterious taxes and fees/surcharges is sales tax.  Everything else in that amorphous ball of costs is entirely subjective.

Reality is not subjective.

Hiding behind tricky monikers like “administrative service fee” and “carrier cost recovery fee” (located somewhere south of “cash cow”), you’re never sure what those charges represent.

But if you’re a fan of contemplating the mysteries and curiosities of the universe, then you’ll be aware that reality is not subjective.  Tell that to a telecom company about their billings.

And the horrible reality?  A lot of these additional fees are entirely bunk.  Yes. Bunk.  They’re a money grab that pads your bill with fantasy charges, while lining the coffers of your telecom provider.

And yes.  They all do it.

So, what’s a business to do?

Must you endure the rigors of the business phone bill Upside Down?  Must you descend into its murk to unravel its mysteries?

No.  For, exactly as Eleven saved her friends by doing it for them, Opdecision can do it for you.

Opdecision meets the Demogorgon of business phone bill curiosities head on, with insider knowledge of all the tricks of the telecom trade.  We’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the business and we know all their favorite sleights of hand.

We’re your outsourced solution to business phone bill curiosities.  Contact us.  We’ll slay that Demogorgon.

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