Why Enterprises Should Benchmark Their Telecom Environment


Benchmarking is a standard business practice.  To keep on top of performance, sales and quality, it’s important that businesses compare their policies and practices to those of competitors.  It’s also important, however, that internal standards be applied.

Why enterprises should benchmark their telecom environment is clear – to ensure that it’s providing the value-added service it should be.


Every business’s telecom environment consists of multiple cogs, all working together to reproduce their daily communications requirements.  Examining these in detail is where opportunity resides.

Performance goes well beyond cost.  It’s about another kind of value that’s important to your business, which is an intangible, supporting the success of the whole.  The ability to maintain constant contact, access by clients and communication between teams, are all crucial functions which may not be quantifiable on a balance sheet, but which contribute to its health.

Standardized benchmarking can help you more quantify these essential ingredients in a successful telecom environment.  It can help you understand the role of these influences in an effective telecom environment, highlighting areas which require improvement.

It can also show you where the between-the-lines savings can be found.  There’s money between those lines that might be spent elsewhere, to maximize what’s working and minimize waste and reproduction of services.

Other opportunities.

Another important aspect of why enterprises should benchmark their telecom environment is the opportunity it provides to examine the extent to which telecom management personnel are trained to take on the challenge.

If benchmarking reveals inefficiencies in the system, there’s a high probability that your team needs enhanced training to better manage the environment.

Training telecom management staff to the standards of the industry is a crucial step benchmarking can highlight as a priority.  When your staff is properly trained, you’re not only giving them the gift of a better education – you’re giving your enterprise the gift of a more efficient and supportive telecom environment.

Benchmarking can also reveal the degree of vendor impact on your telecom systems, as well as highlight areas of challenge in customer service.  Is resolution being reached with customers who log complaints?  Do they feel they’re being adequately serviced?  Uncovering problems in these aspects of your telecom environment pave the way to improved service delivery to customers and clear lines of communication with vendors.

OpDecision – the outsourced solution.

At OpDecision, we specialize in the analysis of telecom environments, ensuring that your systems are supporting your enterprise optimally, while delivering material cost savings we find in the fine print.

From your vendor agreement, to your monthly billing, to contract implementation, we identify opportunities because we know what we’re looking for.

Benchmarking is a detailed undertaking your staff most likely has little time for.  But with OpDecision, you have an outsourced solution which comes directly to your project from the telecom industry.  Our leadership and teams have all worked for leaders in the industry.

Because we’re insiders, we bring you extensive knowledge that creates a Center of Excellence in your telecom environment.  Contact us to find out more.

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