Assessing Your Current Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Implementation


The course of TEM implementation doesn’t always run smoothly.  Bumps in the road are part of the journey.

If you’re here, you may be lamenting some of those bumps and hoping to smooth them out.  You know something’s going sideways, but you’re not sure what.  That’s a common complaint with TEM implementation and a good reason for assessing your current telecom expense management (TEM) implementation.

Let’s look at some key areas you can address now to improve performance.

Where are you going?

At OpDecision, we’re pretty sure you know where you want to go – in the direction of telecom expense reductions.  You’ve committed to a cost reduction goal, but you’re stalled.

One of the most important things you can decide, right at the beginning of implementation, is to turn on the TEM GPS.  By knowing which areas TEM should be focused on, you have a much better chance to reach your goal.

What are the services you need your TEM to address?  Knowing which outputs are crucial to meeting your goal determines how your inputs will get you there.

Which information (anything from order processing to visibility to verification) do you need?  That information is the GPS that gets you to point B – implementation success.

Define your inputs, then automate

Your carriers can help with this.  For example, your billings should be readily accessible and available in an electronic format.  Also ensure that you’re receiving relevant reporting.  For wireless expenses, this is of paramount importance.

Successful TEM implementation seeks ways to deploy automation wherever it can.  This is critical because it eliminates excess paper and the potential for human error represented by manual input.

Departments from HR to Finance can get in on the automation action, creating greater accuracy and efficiency and freeing hands to do more pressing work.

Give yourself the gift of time

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was TEM.  Allow yourself adequate time to do the job right.  Know where you’re going.  Define your inputs.  Identify opportunities for automation.

And don’t forget that one of the most important elements of successful implementation is buy-in from your people.  Don’t take this for granted.  Engage with employees on TEM implementation every step of the way, ensuring they understand what it’s there to do and that they’re prepared to participate in the digital transformation it represents.

TEM implementation can and will save your company money.  But how you implement is key to realizing that goal.  Allow for 3 to 6 months to fully implement TEM.

Still feeling overwhelmed?  Assessing your current telecom expensive management (TEM) implementation is what we do best at OpDecision.  We find material savings in the fine print of your vendor agreements, compliance with them and in your billings.

Showing you the way

OpDecision’s leaders and teams come to you direct from the telecom industry, offering insider knowledge that helps you make the most of your TEM.

With dedicated account management that gets inside your TEM and reforms it to your vision, we bring you focused expertise.  Contact us.

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