Who Is Accountable For Telecom Management Results?


Anyone who works at a medium to large scale company knows there’s a challenge inherent in the question the title poses.  The challenge is pinpointing accountability.  The management of telecom functions tends to spill over department lines, implicating an accountability chain which is easily broken.

It’s not just one person and it’s not just one department, when you’re asking who is accountable for telecom management results.  The budget is managed over here, while system design and implementation is over there.  User support is in one silo and procurement and vendor relationships is in another.

There are many people performing multiple functions when it comes to managing telecom, so establishing accountability can be a murky affair.

Centralized authority.

Regardless of the complexities involved, accountability for telecom management results must be sited in a single location.  This means establishing a central authority and voice which oversees all the constituent parts of the process.

Without that, how will you know that your telecom services are aligning with your business objectives?  How will you know that the services you’ve contracted for are being delivered and that they’re contemporary with your operation’s needs?

You probably won’t.  Without a centralized hand hovering over the various operational functions required by telecom to work for you, the ball can bounce off into the ethers, out of bounds and out of control.

And that’s not good business.


Many businesses are discovering that creating a locus for accountability in telecom management is easier said than done.  With employees already deeply engaged with immediate departmental need, it can be challenging to establish the kind of centralized authority needed to make it clear who is accountable for telecom management results.

That’s why more and more companies are turning to an outsourced solution like OpDecision.  By taking the multifarious satisfaction of telecom requirements off the plates of your staff and putting them on the plate of an outsourced service provider, you’re creating the accountability you need.

OpDecision is entirely dedicated to analyzing and managing telecom results.  Because all our staff comes direct from the telecom industry, we bring you detailed insider knowledge that ensures your telecom management results reflect your business’s needs and objectives.

OpDecision leads.

Accountability is firmly established, when you outsource telecom management to OpDecision.  Because this is what we do, your telecom management results are given laser focus that drills down to the value you’re getting from providers.  That focus includes contract analysis to determine that the services you’re currently paying for fully reflect your business’s needs and meet them, stringently.

Contract compliance is supported by analysis of invoicing, ensuring that you’re not paying for lines which are dormant and that your invoice is freed of errors and accidental double billings.  We’ll also review your contract to make sure you’re getting the maximum value from your vendor.

Because we’re industry insiders, we have access to information about unpublished pricing.  We’re also expert negotiators who know the vendor’s next move before it’s made.

If you’re ready to establish who is accountable for telecom management results, contact us.

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