5 Telecom Billing Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making Every Month


There’s a margin of error with everything, it seems.  Human error is a big factor and mistakes on your telecom billings can add up in a hurry.

Your budget really doesn’t have room to pay for other people’s mistakes.

But if you haven’t been diligent about bird-dogging your telecom billings, then you’re making costly mistakes, which means that other areas of your operation may suffer needlessly.

This post covers the 5 telecom billing mistakes you don’t realize you’re making every month.  Let’s find out what they are.

  1. Paying for defunct lines/equipment

This one’s huge.  People come and go and when they go, is there an efficient process in place to disconnect lines, or transfer them and the equipment to another employee?  Many companies believe that’s the case, but unused lines can remain on your billing – sometimes for months or years.

Why would you pay for something you’re not using, right?

  1. Erroneous charges and 3rd parties

You can be billed for services like online calling and faxing and long distance calls on lines you’re not responsible for.  If you’re not going through your billings with a fine-toothed comb, you can be missing a huge expense you needn’t pay.

  1. Database and Metering mistakes

Machines make mistakes too and this one may occur for either long distance or local calls.  Metering may result in double charges.  But human error is in the picture if a transcription mistake is made.  Sometimes, you’re charged for incomplete calls because of these glitches.  Not knowing about them is costing you money.

  1. Contractual oversights

Your contract renewal period is a dodgy time.  Sometimes, you won’t get the pricing you’ve agreed on, because the contract’s provisions aren’t reflected in your billings, due to something as mundane as an administrative oversight.

And who’s checking?

  1. Not hiring OpDecision

We know.  Reviewing your telecom billing is time-consuming work.   It can cause your eyes to glaze over.

But at OpDecision, this is what we do.  We know what to look for, because we’ve come direct to our work (saving you money on telecom expenses) from the industry.

We apply the knowledge we garnered as telecom industry insiders to the job of cutting your wireless, telecom/datacom expenses by going over your billings to ensure that you’re not paying more than you should be.

We apply the same diligence to your contract, ensuring that your billings are line with its provisions and that your vendor is in full compliance with them.

Every corner of your telecom expenses is analyzed to find you cost reductions you had no idea you had access to.

When eyes are glazing over from combing through telecom billings, OpDecision comes to your rescue with expert eyes that reveal hidden savings.

Do it right, with OpDecision

These 5 telecom mistakes you don’t realize you’re making every month don’t need to happen.  Rest your eyes and put ours to work for you.

With OpDecision in your corner, you can save up to 45% on your telecom expenses.  Contact us.

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