4 Benefits of Working with a Telecom Consultant


You’ve no doubt been slugging it out to keep on top of your telecom costs.  You have assigned a dedicated staff member to review your billings every month, for one.  You’ve done your homework and know what’s out there.

And if you’re here, you may be thinking it’s time to put your telecom costs on somebody else’s plate.  We’re glad you came.  Because we’re about to show you the 4 benefits of working with a telecom consultant.

OpDecision is an outsourced solution that’s staffed by former telecom industry insiders.  We know the industry.  We know its secrets.  And we know you want to get the best deal possible.  Read on to see why we’re the best idea you’ve had today.

1. Money!

Everybody likes that word and couldn’t your business use more of it?  We can get it for you.

OpDecision can reduce your telecom spend by performing billing audits that identify duplicate or incorrect charges, to start with.  Those can add up.

We can also get you best-in-class pricing when you need new bells and whistles on your contract.  We  point out services in your contract you no longer need and are still paying for.  These can be removed with no penalty to your company.

2. Time

When you’re shopping for a telecom provider, a lot of time can be expended.  You may not have all the bases covered, simply because the person assigned to the task doesn’t have the time to make the rounds.

When you put the shopping on our plate, we get it done while you get back to what you were doing.  And while saving money on your telecom billings is excellent, time is money, too.

3. A Better Market Overview

Because OpDecision is a telecom consultant with teams and leadership who’ve come to us from the telecom industry, we know who’s on the playing field.

While your people may be aware of local service providers and perhaps one or two big wireless players, we know them all.  We know them and we’ve probably worked for them.

Because we’ve been a part of the industry, we have an intimate understanding of what’s out there.  We track market trends and new entrants and know what they have on offer.  That gets you a better deal.

4. See White Elephants Coming

There’s a distinct trend among telecom service providers to expand their sphere of influence by offering services which may not be in their suite of expertise.

These are white elephants, in many cases.  With a telecom consultant like OpDecision, you can hunt down those white elephants and prevent them from becoming a money-draining problem.

Telecom companies incentivize their sales forces to test white elephants on customers.  And you don’t want to be a guinea pig for an untested service which may be subpar and beyond the competencies of the vendor.

Because OpDecision works for you, we can see white elephants coming.

These 4 benefits of working with a telecom provider are just the beginning.  Contact us to find out more.

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