3 Ways to Achieve Cellular Phone Cost Reduction


Your organization is leveraging mobility, not just to stay competitive – but to grow.  You need those cellular phones.

But do you need to pay quite so much for them?  The short answer is “no”.

This post’s objective is to share with you 3 ways to achieve cellular phone cost reduction.  These aren’t magic tricks.  They’re not smoke and mirrors.  These are common sense ways to shave resources off your cellular phone line item.

  1. Shop Around

You may be reluctant to switch your carrier but have you shopped around?  Are you sure your current provider is offering the best prices?  Your representative may be surprised to hear that another carrier has a better deal.

That’s how negotiations which favor your bottom line happen – by knowing what the market is doing.

  1. Comb That Bill

Your cellular phone bill is rife with intrigue.  Errors are made.  Duplicate line items appear.  Overage charges apply.

Look carefully through your bill for anomalies and to identify overages on individual lines.  Then, talk to your vendor about raising the limit, as those charges can add up.

At the same time, educate your employees.  Make them aware you’ve raised the limit and then set policy with respect to usage (especially personal).

Accountability is a family affair.

  1. Update Your Account

Awareness is key when it comes to getting the best deal for your account.  It’s important to check (twice a year) to see if there are downward trends in pricing.  Talk to your representative regularly to ensure your contract is reflecting market pricing trends.

Updating your plan and knowing where your vendor’s pricing model stands comparatively saves you money.

Does all this sound like a lot of work to you, with an uncertain return on investment?  Are you mentally adding up the cost of human resources hours versus potential return?

Then maybe it’s time for an outsourced solution.


OpDecision is committed to reducing your cellular phone costs.  Wireless cost savings are the reason we’re here.

And we come to companies like yours direct from the industry, working with household names.  We know the market because we’ve been on the inside and we bring that knowledge to our clients, rendering them average savings of 27%.

But you pay only for the savings we glean in your billings, your contract and all those little things that mean so much.

Expert Analysis

We’re a leading provider of corporate wireless expense reduction services.

Our core business is finding you savings in the fine print.  You may not have time, but this is what we do.  And equipped with insider knowledge, we know about unpublished pricing and strategy on the other side of the negotiating table.

But now, we sit on your side of the table, bringing you cellular phone cost reduction as part of our suite of services.

If you’re casting a jaded eye on your provider’s billings and wondering if your cellular phone costs couldn’t be more in line with reality, OpDecision can help.  Our insider knowledge saves your organization money.  Contact us.

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