2018 IT/Telecom Challenges: Same Old Problems?


IT/telecom departments everywhere are challenged to keep up with demand in a changing tech environment.  This is becoming a major problem for many companies, particularly with respect to serving end users adequately and preventing the use of shadow IT solutions in response to insufficient service.

So, in 2018 it seems that everything old is new again and that IT/telecom is facing the same old problems it was even 5 years ago.  That just won’t do in a fast-paced technological world.  Your company needs to keep up with developing technology to stay ahead of the curve and your employees need an efficiently run, responsive IT/telecom department to do their best work.

Human resources

It’s often true that human resources in IT/telecom are not up to the work required.  Perhaps the problem originates at the executive tier, due to a knowledge gap about what IT/telecom people do.

But it’s 2018 and surely, we’ve all arrived at the understanding that this is a department which shouldn’t be starved for people.  So why is this such a persistent problem?


Human resources mean money.  Investing in people to perform the duties required of your IT/telecom department (and it is an investment) is something all too many companies are reluctant to do.  Competing priorities too often win.

But technology is a crucial aspect of business.  There’s no getting around that.  When sufficient funding isn’t devoted to human resources in this department, the ripples are felt throughout the organization.  That leads to staff unrest and eventually, turnover.

Turnover costs money, too.

The right skill set

With the rapid pace of technological change, what your people came through the door with in terms of skills and knowledge requires constant upgrading.

Again, when budgeting doesn’t meet the training and skills upgrade challenge, IT/telecom isn’t going to be meeting the needs of the company and its employees.

Keeping your IT/telecom people trained to meet the future needs of your company is not just a necessity.  The budget isn’t in place to simply maintain the status quo.  It’s there to propel your organization into a future in which aspects of technology like machine learning and AI are going to become increasingly pivotal.

Implementation and capacity

When a department is inadequately funded, it’s unable to implement new technology at the required pace.  Breaking down due to all the factors cited above, the machine is not greased to the level that’s going to make it run smoothly.

This speaks to capacity, knowledge and training – all key factors in creating an IT/telecom department that works to meet your business goals and to keeps your staff serviced and doing its best work.

But at OpDecision, we have the solution.

Outsourced expertise

With leadership and team members coming to you direct from the telecom industry, OpDecision expands your existing capacity.  We take administrative imperatives off the plate of your IT/telecom team, so it can do what it’s there to do.

2018 is your year to leave all the old problems behind, with the outsourced solution that stands in the gap.  Contact us.

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