Wireless Cost Reduction for Lawyers

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Lawyers are busy people, juggling competing priorities that never seem to stop coming.  Their mobile devices are always close at hand, even in the courtroom.

Law firms are just as plugged into the wireless revolution as anyone else.  Their wireless needs are just as urgent and just as essential.  Lawyers, though, have partners and clients to answer to, when it comes to the bottom line.  Costly legal services demand tight budgetary control to honor client investment in legal representation.

That includes wireless services.  They can have a heavy impact on the budget in a world where response times matter.  The budget, in turn, trickles down to the client, often aghast at the line items covering wireless expenses of their attorneys, regardless of their demands for access.

That’s why wireless cost reduction for lawyers is growing as an area of interest for those in the legal profession.

Responsiveness – client perception and cost.

The days of snazzy stationery in lawyers’ office continue, but it’s no longer the communications gold standard.  From the mail, legal communication evolved to the telephone, to the voice mail, to the fax and now to wireless communication.

These communication advances mean a profound shift in client expectations in terms of their lawyers’ perceived responsiveness.  Lawyers aren’t alone.  All our expectations have grown with technology’s march, producing a culture of constant contact that can be extremely demanding.

Client perception of their lawyers’ responsiveness and the appropriate amount of time for a response to come demands creative answers.  Some law firms have turned to adjusting schedules to create 24/7 access for international clients.  Others have set up sophisticated access portals.  These provide clients with secure access to documentation around the clock, precluding the need for constant contact with their lawyer.

Every law firm will have a different focus and a different level of client perception when it comes to lawyer responsiveness.  This reality demands solutions tailored to the needs of individual lawyers and firms which are technologically sound and cost effective.

Outsourced wireless cost reduction for lawyers.

Lawyers, over recent decades, have had to keep abreast of wireless technology.  Without making the effort to do so, they risk client attrition, due to the perception issue discussed in the previous section.  Modern telecom technology has increased client expectations and shifted client perception about lawyer responsiveness.  That’s a demand that can impact relationships with key clients who demand that technology’s ability to deliver 24/7 contact be answered commensurately.

Outsourcing the challenge is what many law firms are doing to meet this challenge.  They’re discovering that outsourced wireless cost reduction for lawyers is the answer to the client perception shift.  Outsourcing is offering alternatives which reduce wireless costs via operational streamlining, secure client access and telecom expense management.

Wireless cost reduction for lawyers with OpDecision.

OpDecision is an outsourced wireless cost reduction expert for lawyers.  We tailor solutions to your firm’s needs.  Call.  Let’s boost your responsiveness and close the client perception gap, with wireless cost reduction that answers demand for rapid response, while cutting client billings.

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