Wireless Connectivity In an Office Environment

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One of the most effective ways any business can improve productivity and enhance efficiencies is through the introduction of wireless connectivity.

Wireless connectivity in an office environment frees employees from their desks, allowing them to be available to client and colleague alike, as they roam.

Let’s examine how wireless connectivity in an office environment spells “value-added” for your business.

Employees want it (and so do clients).

We’re the mobile generation.  We’re on the move, maintaining constant contact with our mobile devices.  There’s no getting around it.  It’s here to stay and employees (and clients) want it.

Being tethered to a telephone is no longer necessary.  Those days are long past.  To bring quality staff aboard and retain that staff, it’s necessary for businesses to consider the other side of the mirror – what employees want.

Wireless is what they want.  Clients want it, because they know their access is enhanced when their contacts at your business are more readily accessible.  Your people respond more rapidly and have immediate access to pertinent information.

These factors add value to your business and keep your star players on board and your clientele satisfied.


Your office may involve a warehouse.  Perhaps you’re shipping widgets all over the world.  If you’re an online storefront, your administrative people need continual access to the warehouse floor.

Tracking stock and managing shipments are tasks which require the accessibility of wireless connectivity.  Where wired networks limit access, or require duplication of services in set ups like this, wireless networks bridge the gap seamlessly.

Visitor courtesy.

Allowing visitor access to your wireless connection is as simple as setting up a parallel guest access portal.  Instead of having to log onto your wired system (which may present a security risk), they can log on to their own point of access.

Keeping your visitors (some of whom are clients) connected is a contemporary business imperative which goes well beyond courtesy.  It’s demanded and it serves you to meet the demand.

On the move.

Everything about office culture is changing, from hierarchical organizational models to the way people work.  The cubicle is increasingly becoming a thing of the past.  More and more, employees look for flexible workplaces which allow them to take their tasks with them, as they move from conferences, to team meetings, to lunch.

Sometimes, they can be more effective sitting off in a quiet corner.  Wireless allows this type of mobility and that serves your business’s productivity goals.

If you’re in an industry which routinely employs millennials, wireless connectivity in an office environment is a must.  When your employees are happy, they’re producing.  They’re meeting your goals and getting things done.

A wireless network gives them the freedom of the mobile generation, while allowing them to achieve the efficiencies your business needs to succeed.

OpDecision – outsourced wireless support.

Wireless connectivity in an office environment is now more than ever, a pressing need for business.  Enhancing your existing wired network by creating a hybrid network is one way to get there.  For other ways, contact us.

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