What is Dedicated Internet Access?


Dedicated Internet Access is a hot topic right now and for good reason.  Businesses are discovering that DIA is the best-in-class solution for their operations.

While that may not be true of every business out there, DIA is having a moment.  People have heard that it’s a great solution to congestion online and capacity problems and they’re right. It’ a superior tool for businesses whose lifeline is internet access.

Let’s talk about Dedicated Internet Access, what it is and what it might mean for your business.

Dedicated to You

The difference between DIA and other varieties of service are in the agreement itself.  With DIA, a specific amount of bandwidth is set aside for your exclusive use.  Only those on your network have access.

It solves the problem of the bandwidth crunch being experienced by many, these days.  Just as airlines sometimes overbook, internet providers oversubscribe, selling more bandwidth than is available.

But it’s that very habit of providers which makes the internet accessible to smaller businesses and individuals wanting internet at home.  And it generally works, because the theory that not everybody wants to be on the internet at the same time generally holds true – until it doesn’t.

A Common Complaint

And when it doesn’t, people don’t get the standard of service they need, including people in business.  While users know they’re getting “up to” 25 Mbps, what they’re usually getting is more like 5 Mbps.

For many users, this isn’t a huge issue.  That may even be true of some businesses.  But for many, the slowdown in data transmission speeds and slow-loading web browsers can mean lost time and money.

Not everyone can afford the capacity issues occasioned by oversubscription, but in the business community, it’s a complaint heard all too often.  DIA answers the complaint with a solution that essentially privatizes bandwidth to your company.

Why It’s Better for Business

With guaranteed bandwidth, DIA also promises guaranteed minimums and performs consistently every day.  That’s worth it’s weight in gold in an increasingly data-driven environment.

Imagine you’re not on the bus with everyone else.  With DIA, you’re in a Ferrari, steaming ahead of the pack on the Information Superhighway and leading, with the bandwidth you need to stay there.

Rush hours will always be there.  There will always be times of the day during which congestion occurs.  But with Dedicated Internet Access, you get what you’re promised, consistently and exclusively.

And to be clear, that can make all the difference to your productivity and overall success.


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