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In a mobile world, it’s difficult to rein in your business’s telecom expenses.  Innovation is continual and rapid fire and your business needs to keep up with it.  The constantly evolving landscape of the fast-paced world of mobile business presents a challenge to your operational budget.

Mobile culture is changing the way business is done.  Employees can now remain in constant contact with the workplace, using the power of technology.  They can work anywhere.  Businesses are recognizing this new reality by putting mobiles in the hands of key employees.

The problem?   Telecom services can cost you a bundle.  If your business if feeling the pinch, maybe it’s time for a professional analysis of your expenses in that area.

At OpDecision, that’s what we do.  We’re telecom expense management (TEM) professionals who make sure that businesses like yours get the best possible deal from telecom providers.

Detailed telecom expense management (TEM).

OpDecision’s leadership team has decades of collective experience in the cell phone sector.  We know where to find opportunities for cost reduction, with detailed telecom expense management (TEM).  Those opportunities are in the fine print.  That’s where OpDecision finds you material savings.

From fine analysis of your billing, to surveying agreements with providers for appropriateness of services rendered, to examining implementation to ensure full contractual compliance, we find exceptional savings.  With our telecom expense management (TEM) service, your business can save up to 45%.

Our outsourced service works hand in hand with TEM software – a turn-key alternative to permanent infrastructure.  OpDecision is a leader in telecom expense management.  Our roots are in the industry, which gives us the advantage of in-depth insider knowledge.

Results for your business.

OpDecision gets companies like your superior results with a knowledge base informed by experience in the telecom sector.  Telecom expense management (TEM) is our signature service.  Our leadership and employees have insider knowledge that delivers outstanding telecom cost reductions.

With OpDecision, our clients don’t need to make cumbersome provider transitions.  Our relationships with all existing telecom providers allow us to get your business the best deal, without transitioning providers.  Existing infrastructure and software stay in place and that saves you even more.

Our telecom expense management (TEM) professionals find cost-saving opportunities.  Those opportunities are there right now, waiting to be discovered.

Your business compensates OpDecision based on the opportunities we find in the fine print we mentioned earlier. In your provider agreement.  In implementation.  In your telecom bill.


We’re leaders in corporate telecom expense management (TEM) strategies.  OpDecision’s services find your business telecom savings which make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Our President, Drew R. Polin has stated:

“We can help procure unpublished pricing, service credits, and deep equipment discounts – decreasing costs while increasing service.”

Drew’s experience with wireless providers like T-Mobile USA and Global West Communications brings you insider knowledge.  That knowledge serves your bottom line with exceptional telecom savings.

Contact us.  Find out how OpDecision can help you find telecom expense management (TEM) cost reduction opportunities to support your business’s healthy bottom line.

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