Telecom Cost Control – How to Get the Most Savings for the Least Amount of Effort and Risk


You know you need to control your telecom costs.  But you’re not sure where to start.  It’s all so – complicated.

The world of telecom providers is a labyrinth of unintelligible billings and a rabbit’s warren of providers for a variety of services.

So, while the desire is there, managing the effort is labor and time-intensive.  Those human and financial resources are best used elsewhere.

What’s the answer?  We’re going to come right out and say it:  OpDecision.

We deliver on our promise to cut your wireless and overall telecom costs by double digits.  We’re all about telecom cost control – how to get the most savings for the least amount of effort and risk.

And we’re going to support that statement by sharing with you how we go about it.

Active Monitoring

A contract means nothing if one party it isn’t compliant with its terms.  That’s why OpDecision combs over your invoices to ensure it’s not riddled with duplications and errors.

Our active monitoring ensures you’re getting what you’ve paid for and what you’ve agreed to.  If you’ve signed on for discounts, we make sure you get them.  If you’ve agreed to incentives and penalty waivers, we ensure those are happening.

Getting You the Best Contract

The telecom cost control professionals at OpDecision get you the best possible contract because we’ve sat on both sides of the negotiating table.  Having worked for all the major carriers in the market, we know what vendors are thinking and we know how to get you the most advantageous contract.

Your contract should be reviewed every year, especially if you’ve met your annual revenue commitment or if you’ve grown.  You need a contract that reflects your business’s current situation – not last year’s.

Service Optimization

Every month, you should be reviewing your roster of lines and devices and culling or recycling lines which are no longer in use.  You’re paying for something that’s dormant, otherwise and yes, there’s always a charge and that charge will stick until you cull the lines.

Minding the Store

Policies and procedures should be in place to minimize the incidence of data overuse and personal use of company devices.  As time goes by, though, what you have in place will need amendment.

Ensuring that someone is minding the store when it comes to employee usage may seem overly zealous but you should know that most enterprises overspend on their telecom budget by no less than 30%.

And employee use of devices for personal business (including data) is over-represented in that figure.

With OpDecision, you pay for the telecom savings we find you and those savings can be as much as 45%.


When you put your telecom cost control in the hands of OpDecision’s experts, you get the advantage of professionals with knowledge derived direct from the telecom/wireless industry.

We know where the hidden savings are.  And we leverage our relationships in the industry to find you even more savings.

Contact us.  Let’s find your telecom cost savings.

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