Telecom Cost Control: How to Get the Most Savings With the Least Amount of Effort and Risk

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Many companies struggle to keep their telecom costs under control.  It’s incredible to consider that most companies see this line item exceeding their budgets by at least 30%.  The 7-headed hydra of telecom expenses can get away from you.

The problem with telecom cost control is that it can suck up an inordinate amount of your human resources.  Surprisingly complex and somewhat daunting, the job is not for the faint of heat.

This post is about telecom cost control:  how to get the most savings with the least amount of effort and risk.  Let’s look at the two most effective ways of achieving it and figure out which is the best way forward.


Many companies, in despair, choose upgrading as their institutional solution to telecom cost control.  While it’s true this way forward can render incredible savings, it’s also true that upgrading creates massive disruption of service.  There’s also the outlay you’ll be on the hook for, not to mention the risk of upgrading.

Every change comes with risk, it’s true.  But there’s a better way for companies to control telecom costs.  Optimization of your existing carrier situation is a much less disruptive and expensive way for you to get this line item under control.

There are several ways to optimize your existing vendor set up.

Optimization for savings.

Your vendor contract is full of opportunities to save your company money.  Discounts and credits are two of them, but there are also savings opportunities in the fine print, waiting to be discovered.

Your contract isn’t a static instrument.  It should be subjected to review at least every 18 months to ensure that it’s continuing to meet your needs and serve your company’s goals.

You know that staff waxes and wanes, but who’s ensuring that zero-usage accounts are being purged, or passed on to incoming staff?  This is an area many companies miss when it comes to controlling telecom costs.

Monitoring your provider’s fidelity to the terms of your contract is 100% on you.  Are you getting the discounts you’ve been promised, for example?  Compliance is where you can save real money.

Are you auditing your monthly invoice to ensure that there are no double entries or billing errors?  This is necessary maintenance that can cost you a big chunk of change, when not done.

Optimizing your existing arrangement is time-consuming, but it’s the method most likely to get your telecom costs under control.

The outsourced solution.

OpDecision is the outsourced solution for your telecom cost control needs.  We free your staff to do the important work of reaching your corporate goals.  While they’re doing that, we find you savings in your contract and its fine print, your invoice and all the details you and your people don’t have time for.

Because our leadership comes direct from the industry, we know what we’re looking for.  While you’re taking care of business, we’re taking care of your telecom cost control.  Contact us to find out more.

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