The OpDecision Wireless Partner Program Advantages

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In the competitive telecom and wireless market, any edge you can gain as a telecom professional or consultant is something of interest.  The OpDecision Wireless Partner Program advantages are numerous for industrial professionals like you.

Professionals in the telecom industry understand that it’s a complex world.  At OpDecision, it’s a world we know well.  We’re a group of experts who come to OpDecision with years of industry experience, gained through working with leaders in telecom and wireless provision.

We use that knowledge to produce incredible savings for our clients.  With us, you can share these cost reductions with your own clients.

Partner advantages.

The OpDecision Wireless Partner Program advantages include making you more competitive in the market, by sharing with you what our outsourced solution offers.  First off, you’ll be able to reduce your clients’ wireless costs by up to 45%.  With us, you offer them savings they won’t be able to find with any of your industry competitors.

Your clients won’t have to make cumbersome carrier changes, or changes to their plans or vendor representative.  We find opportunities with their existing vendors, based on our contractual knowledge and access to information about unlisted pricing.  That’s a major edge your clients will tell their friends about, increasing your revenue base.

With The OpDecision Wireless Partner Program, advantages like working with an industry leader provide your clients with outstanding knowledge and expertise unavailable to them elsewhere.  That means you grow your knowledge base and market penetration by joining.  OpDecision’s experts have relationships with every major vendor, opening a world of opportunities for cost reduction to your clients.

As a Partner, you’ll also experience exceptional customer service, support and the edge that working with an innovative industry force provides.

Working with us – here’s how.

The OpDecision Wireless Partner Program advantages include an entirely new revenue stream.  By referring your clients to us, you’ll receive excellent remuneration in the form of a commission.  You introduce your clients to our representative and we do the rest.

Partner commissions are based on net revenue gained.  With OpDecision, offering up to 45% wireless cost reduction, you can expect lucrative compensation.  Our experts find the savings our compensation is based on, which in turn delivers outstanding commissions to our Partners.

Join The OpDecision Wireless Partner Program today and start experiencing the difference working with industry leaders makes.  We expand your consulting capacity with insider knowledge of the wireless industry, providing you with a highly rewarding revenue stream that builds your reputation and industry profile.

OpDecision’s outsourced solution.

OpDecision provides outsourced analytical support to clients looking for wireless cost reduction and exceptional telecom expense management.  With ongoing support, we analyze everything from appropriateness of services rendered, to contractual realities, to billings.  These services deliver our clients opportunities to reduce wireless and telecom costs.

Complete our Partner Application and find out how OpDecision’s outsourced solution can transform your work as a telecom professional, extending your capacity and providing exceptional compensation.  The OpDecision Wireless Partner Program is a new way for you thrive in this competitive industry.

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