How Opdecision Can Fix Your Phone Bill

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You’re in the eye of the hurricane 24/7, keeping pace with the demands of effectively running a business.  Sometimes, things fall off your plate.

It’s no different for your staff.  These days, most companies optimize human resources by asking more, but there’s a limit.  People can only do so much during a working day.

With everyone’s hair on fire, who’s minding the phone bill?  These days, that’s a huge concern.  An unaudited phone bill can be the source of unnecessary costs to your organization.  Double billings, errors, a failure on the part of your carrier to include discounts and other agreed upon price breaks, can really add up.

That’s why OpDecision is your outsourced solution.  Read on, to discover how OpDecision can fix your phone bill.

Effective management.

Because OpDecision is outsourced, there’s no strain on your human resources.  We take it all on, ensuring that your telecom provider isn’t dinging you for one cent more than you owe.

OpDecision gets started by combing through you contract and billings to determine whether your carrier is in complete compliance.  We also review your billings to ensure that everything that’s been agreed upon is rigorously honored.

For a small investment of time on your part, OpDecision uncovers savings opportunities in the fine print and in the pages of your phone bill that add up to savings of a remarkable 45%, on average.  Following an initial cost analysis project, existing clients may opt for Managed Services which continue to reap them material savings.

Our remuneration is based on the opportunities we find for you, offering ROI of from 200 to 500% on what you pay us.  That’s an incredible return on your investment.

Industry knowledge.

OpDecision is staffed and led by insiders who come to us direct from the industry.  Because of this insider knowledge, we’re able to give our clients access to unpublished pricing and speciality rates you wouldn’t normally know about.

With our intimate knowledge of the telecom industry, OpDecision is uniquely placed to interpret contracts and billings effectively, acting as watch dogs who make sure your organization is getting the most from your telecom arrangement possible.

We know that pricing with telecom vendors changes as frequently as every week, so we keep tabs on those changes.  That’s how we’re able to leverage new rate options within one day of release.

Outsourcing allows your staff to pursue the goals of your company, while we do the heavy lifting, analyzing and monitoring your phone bill to make sure your carrier’s in compliance and that the billings you’re receiving are accurate.

OpDecision – the leaders.

When you and everyone around you is going 100 miles an hour, hair aflame, there’s little time to slow down and rake through the phone bill.

That’s where OpDecision stands in the gap, ensuring that your phone bill is in line with your carrier agreement and that double billings, zero-usage lines and accounting errors don’t put a dent in your bottom line.

Contact us.  Discover how OpDecision can fix your phone bill.

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