Managing Wireless Costs for the Medical and Legal Industries.

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The explosion of wireless communication has brought with it both freedom and challenge.  This is true in all sectors, but that truth means different things every industry.

Managing wireless costs for the medical and legal industries has unique challenges.  In the medical field, concerns like privacy and the impact of wireless costs on billings come into play.  For the legal industry, client demand for tight control of line items means lawyers are called on to explain every billed hour and what it consists of.

But in both industries, the truth is that human resources are already deeply engaged.  Time is limited and priorities are at war with one another.  Managing wireless costs, when done in house, demands time from your people that might be spent on other priorities.  It’s labor-intensive, analytical work that requires a keen eye and a knowledge of the sector.

Outsourced support.

At OpDecision, we know you need free, unlimited access to wireless communication to do business as it needs to be done.  The nature of business today is 24/7 access.  There’s no question about that.

But with the unique services we offer, your team is liberated to maximize wireless communication and to attend to their daily duties, when you call on the outsourced expertise of OpDecision.

OpDecision’s leadership and staff come to us direct from the wireless sector.  We’ve sat on both sides of the negotiating table.  We know how wireless providers operate and what their industry secrets are.

We’re insiders who have worked with key players, so we know precisely how the game is played.  That’s insider insight you need when you’re looking for wireless cost reduction that supports the health of your bottom line.

Material savings through analytics.

OpDecision brings outsourced expertise to managing wireless costs for the medical and legal industries that returns savings of up to 45%.

By keeping a sharp eye on vendor documentation, we find opportunities for material savings.  We don’t stop at getting you the best contractual deal.  We offer wireless cost reduction for the medical and legal industries that’s comprehensive.

We ensure your vendor is in complete compliance with your contract.  We also make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t need and that your monthly billings are accurate.

Managing wireless costs with the industry insiders at OpDecision is the outsourced solution to keeping a lid on this important area of your budget.  By employing analytical expertise that’s incisive and highly successful we’re experts at managing wireless costs for the medical and legal industries.

How we do business.

OpDecision’s remuneration is based on the savings opportunities we’re able to find for you.  Offering our clientele an ROI of between 200 and 500%, your money’s well spent with our outsourced services.

The savings are already there.  They’re in the fine print of your carrier agreement and your monthly invoices.  OpDecision recognizes the opportunities in provider documentation and then deploys them to save you money.

Contact us to discover wireless cost management that frees budget and human resources.

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